Friday, June 29, 2012

Venus Direct: Time to Receive (or time to stop not receiving!)

As Venus turned direct this week she wooshed her tail around like a big Mama Dragon, giving us all that final kick up the pants on the topic of Receiving. Any issues you still have with Receiving what you are worth, receiving what you deserve and receiving what you truly need may have been highlighted this week by a big in your face confrontation with the opposite: Lack thinking, 'not enough' type thoughts, feeling pressured to give more energy/time/money than you feel you have, feeling there's a big hole where there should be a basket full of good stuff. 

Rather than sit in the hole feeling gloomy, confront it. Ask yourself: why would I create this hole, this lack, this feeling of 'not enough'? Are my thoughts of lack true or do I need to climb aboard the gratitude wagon for all I have? Does my reality tell me I haven't allowed myself to receive, and if so, what false beliefs do I need to ditch and what truth am I being called to uncover about who I really am? Have I settled for less when really I am here to experience more?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2012


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  2. Thank you a lot, I "fell" on your article and it echoes in me really hard ... Thank you =)