Tuesday, October 01, 2013

October 1: The CME Release Continues

Yesterday's Solar Eruption (CME) has released an incredible amount of energy on every level. Emotions, passions, desires, and needs are all on High as are stubborness and the ego's old need to control. 

Hearts are racing and adrenalin is pumping - literally. Studies have shown that solar activity affects our physical body and chemistry. I found it so hard to get any sleep, it felt like an electric stream was running all night. 

This energy usually runs through us triggering anything that needs to be let go of, and awakening anything that is ready to be expressed, so we often find ourselves having a release or epiphany of some kind around heightened solar activity. Sometimes the energy is released in a challenging way (an outburst with someone, or a physical health issue that blows up) or it wants to be released in a more easeful way - you may be feeling a natural urge to do some physical exercise, do something creative, or are inspired to some other healthy outlet of self expression. 

On a collective level, things are coming to a head in the US with a possible government shutdown, and our thoughts are with everyone who will be affected by that if it happens. Here at home hot winds were howling all day, aeroplanes were wobbling on descent, roofs have blown off houses and locally there was a horrific vehicle accident involving a petrol tanker on a road we use everyday. Our prayers are with all those involved in that in any way. 

Intensity can be overwhelming, but it also brings everything into very clear, sharp focus: What is important to you? Where do you stand on issues? Difficult events and heightened emotions put everything in perspective and we become hyperaware where our priorities lie.

How are you all today?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2013

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