Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Emergence of my Red Self

Are there some colours that you just don't wear or don't really have around you? Maybe you have convinced yourself a certain colour doesn't suit you. Perhaps it's just never occurred to you to try something on of that colour or you have an unreasonable aversion to it?

I used to be like that with pink. I just didn't think I was a pink sort of girl until one day, at age 32, I was invited to a 'pink party'.  The girls who lived across the corridor from me at the time stared in shock when I told them there was no such colour in my wardrobe. They immediately leapt into action, dragging me into their bedrooms and within seconds I had the choice of every shade of pink imaginable. I threw on a hot pink top and then it was my turn to be shocked. It felt fantastic, and may I say it looked fabulous! It brought out a whole other aspect of my personality, and I haven't looked back. Today, hot pink is one of my absolute favourite colours to have on or around me and always makes me feel happy.  I love all the 'pink's now'!

Last weekend I had the same experience with red.  This is a colour that you won't find in my wardrobe of mainly blue's, green's and turquoise's.  I was doing a photo shoot to update my website pics, but wasn't really 'feeling it' with my usual wardrobe choices. My sister Krisi came to the rescue and pulled out some bright clothes including her va-va voom red dress. "Try that on." she says. I looked at her like she was crazy. "Put that on right now." said our fashionista cousin Aleks. "Ok" I said, thinking well at least if I try it on they'll finally be quiet about it because it will be so obvious that red doesn't suit me. I tried the dress on, and I BECAME A DIFFERENT PERSON!!!!!  Okay, so to use the usual consciousness perspective, it totally awakened some (clearly) dormant aspects of me that suddenly went "Woo Hoo we're out, we're out!!!!"

Photo by: Zoran Covic Photography 

I felt like I was on a super dooper high of playfullness and self-assuredness. I felt full of fun and cheekiness. I felt 'Where has red been all my life?!"  This colour was literally helping me bring out the red in my energy field! This is not huge news to anyone who knows anything about colour, but guess what: I know about colour and energy fields and chakra's etc etc and I still just thought 'oh red doesn't suit me' instead of realising "Hmm, truth be told, perhaps part of me is a little overwhelmed, or scared, or unfamiliar with my red self!"

Maybe I wasn't ready for the total emergence of my red self, just like some people haven't been ready thus far for the total emergence of their yellow self or purple self or whatever colour it is that you aren't comfortable with.

I am really looking forward to getting to know this 'red' part of me!

What colour or colours do you shy away from or have convinced yourself you don't look good in?  What colour do you have an aversion to? Suggestion of the week: Go try something on in that colour and see how you feel! Buy yourself some flowers or a piece of jewellery in that colour, or paint your nails.

Share your colour stories here!

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014


  1. I guess I'll be looking at something yellow. You are beautiful in every color.

  2. You look like you are having heaps of fun as well! Such A gorgeous soul - THe red is sexy as! (I bet your partner was totally drooling lol!)

    I find I go through colour phases. My aversion is navy blue. (Maybe an aversion to the police haha)


  3. Oh wow, I just looked up navy blue meaning and guess can represent religion. I got chills!

    I went to a Catholic school and was taught by nuns who wore Navy Blue. Won't go into it- but Religion has not been a positive force in my life.

    Fascinating! (thank you)

  4. I find it an interesting parallel that in the fashion world, most people think a white swimsuit is the most "revealing", when in fact, it is a red one. Perhaps we feel our 'naked selves' and very exposed to the core of our soul in red?

    I think I'll be looking at more colors myself...♥

  5. Nothing I have ever read here has ever shocked or startled me until you said you don't wear red. Your hair begs for red,pink, purple, your skin needs the warm vibrant colors to offset your cool color skin tones or is it the photo (?) Your eyes pop amid the red, you glow, you look vibrant, alive and yes sexy too. It makes you look confident, alive and fun, which of course, you are. Thank you thank you for revealing your silly oversight to a long neglected whole new you. It adds so much to everything you have said here. Fellow human, you are beautiful.

  6. Thanks Be11a, it was SO fun! Yes isn't it interesting that so many authority figures wear navy blue so it has become associated with rigid rules etc. A positive association is with the Ancient Egyptian royalty. You'll notice they always adorned their special objects and headwear with gold and royal blue, and used a lot of gold and lapis lazuli. Their whole life was about making sure they'd have a fabulous afterlife. Blue represented the heavens, from where they came and to where they would return. As such, it also represented rebirth.

  7. Hi Sandy,

    I agree totally. You can't hide in red, and I definitely resonate with how it makes you feel 'naked' or 'seen' on so many levels that are usually more comfortable not drawing attention to themselves. 'Exposed to the core of your soul' - yes.


  8. Dear Anne Nonymous,

    Thank you for your words. It is so true, it felt like a coming alive of a long neglected part of me...and this after two decades of poking around in every nook and cranny of myself with a flashlight!!! I should have just put on a red dress!!

    Truly though, I have never felt comfortable in red. Now, I'm loving it and loving what it is bringing out in me - simultaneously, I am aware that obviously something in me has shifted to now be with this colour in such a new way. Just when you think you know yourself bang...more of you is revealed. Life is just amazing.


  9. Having been a professional dancer and costume designer, I learned a long time ago that whatever color I wore to perform in, it changed my style or attitude of my performance. Red, along with hot pinks and turquoise, were always my best stage colors, drawing the most attention from my audience. In my home decor I must and do have lots of reds, along with other colors, as red to me is the first chacra and a power color for creativity, and though I do have lots of clothes with red as part of the design, I do notice I prefer looking at it rather than wearing it. Red is power, and I'm not always comfortable with my power (now that I'm no longer performing), but red is a must in my space, though I need cool blues and lavenders in my bedroom, otherwise the red would keep me awake!

  10. "A positive association is with the Ancient Egyptian royalty."

    Thank you Dana!