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Goodbye 2013 - Hello 2014

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Note: The original video has ear-piercing cicada's in the background! They are a constant this Sydney summer and louder than they've ever been. On a positive note, Cicada's represent rebirth, renewal and transformation. Quite apt considering the content of this message! Some people have requested to leave the cicada version up as they like the message and the medicine of them. For those that prefer a bit of ssshhhh I have also done a 'cicada-free' version - indoors because they are still singing away here - all day every day!!!!!

In the years leading up to 2013 amidst all of our healing and growth experiences, as challenging as they may have been, we at least always had a light at the end of the tunnel to look forward to. A turning point representing hope for great transformation. The time when we moved from the end of one long evolutionary cycle to the next.  The time finally arrived and instead of greeting us like a breath of fresh air, it felt like a bucket of sobering, ice cold water being thrown all over us with one clear message: Wake up. Here’s the state of reality on Earth in 2013. What are you going to do about it?
            This message was shocking to those of us who replied, drenched and tired of it, “We are awake! Is this some kind of joke?” This year we learned the meaning of ‘awakening’ more than ever. We may have been ‘awake’ but day after day we were asked in a multitude of ways: What are you doing with your awakening?  How is it showing up in your life? How is it working for you? How is it contributing to the world? How are you embodying it? Are you happy with who you are and with what you are doing and with whom you are doing it? If not, what are you going to do about it?
            We were pummelled with ‘entry into our next level’ pop quizzes: Are you awake to your emotions? Are you awake to your needs? Are you awake to what you desire/want to do vs what you feel you should be doing? Are you awake to your heart? Are you awake to your body and human-ness? Are you awake to your power? Are you awake to who you really are?
            We kept being dunked by wave after wave; cleansing, clearing, shedding, letting go. This, after years (and for many decades) of it! It felt like we were going through one of the toughest security airports in existence where they make you pull everything out of your suitcase for all your co-travellers to see. The security guard says firmly: Nope you can’t take that. Or that. Or that, that or that. Leave it in the box and step away.
            Airports are those strange in between places where you’re neither at your old destination nor new yet and the past year has felt quite like that. They are exciting, emotional places but they do require paperwork to be filled out and passports stamped. Even if we feel over the process we can’t go back. We’re all packed. The plane is here. The engines are running. We just have to keep moving forward and see where the heck this plane is taking us, otherwise we will stay stuck in no man’s land.
            You may have felt like no stone was left unturned. If you were very conscious in many areas but say your self-love was still sitting in the basement or your power was still holding back like a wallflower at a 1950’s dance – back down into the deep levels of your subconscious you had to go discovering: where am I still frozen? Where am I still holding back and why?  What am I still not allowing myself to receive? What am I still afraid of?
            For a lot of us, 2013 held the energy of post-natal depression. We came down from the high of pregnancy and labour, and were left holding the baby with a mixture of excitement, love, relief, overwhelm and the sobering reality that we were responsible for looking after the precious gift that is life here. If our systems and structures are sick, we need to heal them or create new ones. If our planet is in bad shape, we need to change our ways. This isn’t a Disney movie. No-one is going to swing in and wave a magic wand and make it all better in a flash of light. In many ways we felt like we were standing at the beginning of a whole new life with no clue how to move forward, and all we could do was just take one day at a time. 
            At the start of our awakening, it is a very personal process. As we evolve however, and particularly as we now enter a new evolutionary cycle as a whole humanity, our awakening becomes more of a collective experience and has a global purpose as well as personal. We are awake to live more conscious lives yes – but we are also awake to contribute to the creation of a more conscious reality here on Earth. This is something we have been gearing towards for years, but now is the time for this next phase of our awakening to be activated.
            Most of us did not assume the whole world would magically go from dysfunctional to perfect overnight. It was enough to know that more light was due to shower down onto the planet (and it has been) and from there anything is possible! We knew that this light would greatly assist everyone’s efforts toward living a more conscious life, and that together we would (and will) use that consciousness to create an entirely new world through our collective actions, initiatives, ideas, choices and energetic contributions no matter how big or small.  We felt that this new consciousness would manifest in physically tangible ways overhauling every system we have: health, education, housing, food production, politics, the economy and media. We looked forward to everyone finding out about advanced technology, free energy, global hidden agendas, and the existence of our galactic neighbours and visitors. We looked forward to this knowledge finally becoming mainstream, with the feeling that this would finally release us from the prison-like reality we have been sold as the reality. 
The good news is, this is all happening as evidenced by the baby steps occurring but boy oh boy oh boy it is taking a lot loooooooooooooonnnnnnggggggggggeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr than we had anticipated. Sure, from the perspective of our higher dimensional selves it’s all swimming along just great, and as time is an illusion it’s all happening in the blink of an eye.  But from our human perspective, wow, being here with an absolute knowing of our potential and having to live within the confines of a restricted reality that has contained and confined the collective consciousness and potential of that consciousness, has been gruelling: mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. And just when we felt we were past the hardest part of the journey, we turned the corner and wait, what??  
·         Emotional seas with giant swells that had extremes of highs and lows.
·         Energetic storms electrifying our sensitivity receptors so that yay (?!), we get to feel everything with more depth: our own emotions and those of people on the other side of the world. Woohoo for unity consciousness. 

·         Gigantic waves of light hurling us into the abyss of issues long healed (or so we thought), and pushing us to expand into what versions of ourselves we know not.  

·         The resistance to change army (eg global elite) going into over-drive with their tactics, striving to maintain power and control at any cost. 

·         Being pushed off a cliff into the void with no notion as to where or to what or with whom you may be going!  As exciting as this is, it brings up all our fears around our vulnerability, security, survival and alone-ness. It brings up all our doubts around our true abilities, creative potential and what we deserve to receive.

Holy *#&# it has been one intense year. In a practical sense, I think that most of us know that great change takes time. And to give us as a collective humanity some credit there is no denying that millions of people have awakened this year, and we can tell that from the growing numbers involved in activism, the type of information being shared on social media, and the kinds of conversations that are happening with family members, friends or colleagues who up until recently would never have had ‘those kinds’ of conversations.
However, I also think that we did expect something more obvious to shift in a more global way by now. Something to indicate that efforts toward the creation of a more conscious world will from now on be more easeful, more welcomed and more supported. Perhaps a huge world event or revelation that would really make everyone sit up and take notice. Yet, the Fukushima situation has been pretty much ignored by the mainstream media and global governments while slowly poisoning people, food, the air, water and marine life. Whistleblowers come out only to be vilified while the real traitors to humanity keep on being celebrated as leaders of our community. One has a right to wonder: what on Earth will it take for things to change?
So I’m asking these questions as I write and the response that comes for all of us reading is: You are looking for things to change within systems and structures of the old paradigm. Those systems and structures are built on old paradigm foundations, held together by old paradigm rules and values. They cannot bend in the way you want them to.  The change you are seeking is happening all around you, only you haven’t been trained to look among ‘the ordinary people’ for signs of change. Your measure of confirmation of change has always come from an external authority, and that is why so many of you feel that you will only truly believe things have changed once the President announces full Disclosure regarding the existence of those from other planets and star systems, or once mainstream media start reporting accurately on chemtrails and false flags and holistic cures for illness.
Those things will happen one day, but they are not the markers you should be waiting for to verify that change is taking place. Those things will be an inevitable response, in some cases with dragging feet, to the tidal wave of knowing that is racing through the population of humanity regardless of what governments and mainstream media are trying to uphold as ‘truth’. For too long you have handed over your power to those in power, and now even as you who are awake know it is time to step into your power, many of you are still waiting for some sort of sign or declaration from those in (the old) power that we are in the new energy!
It will not come from them. It will come from you, the people. The old leaders are not the new leaders for your new world, and so they cannot be the ones to lead you into it. Do you understand? Those who are open will respond to the tidal wave of new energy coming from the people, and they will bend to answer the call for new ways of doing things. Yet we tell you this, the power of the new leadership comes from you, the people not from any one leader or leaders. The new ‘leaders’ will be those who truly act on behalf of the people in deed, not just in word. 

So we come to what will be the main themes in 2014: 

·         Realising, owning and expressing your Authentic, Heart-Centred Power within yourself, your relationships and your role among the community/humanity

·         Feeling ‘reborn’ in a sense, gaining clarity for new directions you’d like to take, and new aspects of yourself you would like to develop

·         Generating change through your choices, your voices, your actions and your prayers. 

·         Creating new possibilities by embodying your consciousness in ways you have never embodied it before on this planet. 

·         A continuation of increased sensitivity to your feelings and those of others – even those unknown to you on the other side of the world. Alongside this, we will also consistently be reminded to keep our boundaries strong and not take on other people’s stuff as our own baggage. Increased sensitivity allows us to feel more empathy and understanding, and offers a directional guide as to which areas of life and community we feel most passionate about and most want to contribute to. It is not yet another ‘load’ for us to carry, and if we do find ourselves carrying loads that are not ours to carry we will swiftly be given a very clear message to let go! (Please note, this does not mean we can’t assist people! If anything, more people will able to be there as support for their fellow humans. Only instead of coming from an egoic power position, or martyr ‘they need me’ position, it will come from a space of helping others connect with their own inner power, truth and light)

·         A continuation of old systems collapsing, corruption and cover-ups being revealed. It will become irrelevant, and already almost is, that mainstream media doesn’t cover things. People are increasingly getting their information online. The extent of revelations can at times feel overwhelming. If you feel yourself falling into despair, remind yourself that all that is being uncovered has been going on for years – the majority of humanity just didn’t know about it. So, as difficult as it is to see all the rubbish coming out from under the carpet, it is better to see it and be aware of it than not. Things we are unaware of influence us without our knowing, essentially making puppets of us. We are a bit like Pinocchio now, the wooden boy coming to life to become ‘real’. We are becoming aware of SO much, both within us and external to us, and all of that allows us to create our life and world from a much more empowered, conscious state.

·         A continuation of resistance from the old powers that were, attempting to maintain control over the population. Energetically, this is exactly what happens within us whenever we make a quantum leap into a new way of being or commit to a new behaviour. Anything within us that isn’t in alignment to the new choice comes up for transformation or release. The ego and old aspects rear their head, in fear for their demise, and so of course they try to maintain the status quo. This exact process is happening with our global systems and structures. It is your individual choice as to how to respond. Our power lies in our response from large actions to small daily decisions. 

·         Regular synchronicities from the funny and light, to magical and profound. 

·         Coming to terms with NOW time with it being very difficult to recall the past (even a few days or week ago) with much of ‘the past’ feeling like a past life. Likewise, it will be challenging to plan or look too far into the future. Even if you have much-loved dreams and goals you want to head toward, you will still feel like life flows much smoother whenever you keep your focus in the present, allowing life to unfold one day at a time, and allowing your plans to bend with any changes in the wind that may occur. 

·         More evidence that the Divine Feminine is coming back into balance – which means the Divine Masculine is also coming back into balance.  Nurturing, compassion, creativity, intuition, heart-centred power and feminine wisdom is being re-awakened in all of us – whether we are female or male. 

·         Doing things from the heart rather than the mind will feel more natural and start showing up in even the most unexpected of places. We will want to spend more time doing things we love with those we love, and seek to find work that fulfils us as well as provides for us. 

·         You might sometimes feel like you are ‘losing your mind’ and can’t string a sentence together! Words can almost feel cumbersome as we start living more from a ‘feeling’ space and start developing telepathic communication with each other. 

Some of you have been feeling full of new energy for quite some time, while many others have been feeling empty and lost, like we're bobbing around in a vast ocean with no anchor or sense of purpose or direction other than whatever it is we are doing right NOW. This 'empty and lost' feeling was experienced by a huge wave of people  - even if you have been working on your stuff for 30+ years. Do not think you have been 'left behind' or are doing something wrong! I don't know anyone, including myself, who hasn't had moments this past year of feeling like something has most definitely ended, but the new, next steps haven’t quite revealed themselves yet. Amidst this foggy haze, sharp bolts and windows of clarity arrive and wooshes of 'kick up the pants' energy surge through us. We see and feel glimpses of our future self beckoning to us saying this way, this way!
Many of us will start feeling a sense of the fog lifting after a year or more of feeling like you have been in a void. As I write this, reports are filtering through that NASA is finally confirming that the Sun has completed its Magnetic Field Flip and that will certainly help us feel like butterflys emerging from a long night in the caterpillar cocoon. Timing, as always, is often a factor and it will be a relief to many that the feeling of idling, or driving with a parking brake on, or being a plane circling waiting to land, will shift as our new roles become clear, and as the time for the activation of our new roles finally unfolds.
I was talking to my friend Diana about the energies of this past year and saying how it feels like so many of us have been retrenched from what we used to do, whether we're experiencing that literally, emotionally or energetically. She replied with her fabulous laugh: "Yes it feels like that, but where's the redundancy package!!?" Even if we're still in the ‘same’ roles, our old soul reasons of why we're doing it has changed and so it feels like we're driving with a very different purpose, direction, focus, motivation and map. We have a new role now, even if we think we're in an old role, which can be simultaneously confusing and exciting.
As we shift vibration, moving out of a dense vibration into a lighter and higher one, our reality becomes more fluid and less rigid. Our old density experience was much like a ball of play-doh that has been out of its tub for a while. It is hard, almost impossible to work with, and can stay stuck in the same form for ages unless you pour a good dose of water onto it. Our new higher experience is like fresh play-doh. It is flexible, easily transformed. It can be one thing one minute, and something totally different the next.
In this reality your eyes can decide what something really is or isn’t, depending on how you choose to look at things – and then that thing can change right before your eyes. Of course this was true in our old reality, but it is easier now to do it. How many of you have had a circumstance or situation shift in literally minutes the second you changed your thoughts or perspective around it? Yet this same shift may have taken months or years once upon a time.
As we move into 2014 we are going to more and more see just as how much we are the play-doh alchemists of our reality – not in a philosophical sense but in very real, tangible, immediate ways.  
·         We will continue to gain clear, sudden insights allowing us to realise which aspect/belief/emotion/thought/childhood influence/ancestral cellular memory/soul intention in us is being projected onto the screen in front of us that is then manifesting as certain patterns and experiences. 

·         We will feel gratitude for more of our experiences, and feel more ready and able to change those that have outlived their purpose. 

·         We will feel more and more called to whatever it is that is our new purpose for this new time.  Many of us will feel called to bring our consciousness ‘down to Earth’, getting involved in projects, initiatives and organisations that allow us to embody and bring through the new energies into every area of personal and community life. 

·         We will feel urged to have a greater play/work/rest balance, enjoy life more and do things ‘just for fun!’ more often, things that nourish our body, mind, heart and soul. This sounds so basic, but for people who incarnated with a strong sense of mission and service, ‘enjoying life and having fun’ is quite a new concept!
On a final note, we are now coming out of the Year of the Snake representing much shedding and transformation, and moving into the Year of the Horse starting on the Jan 31 New Moon. The Horse represents Power, along with forward movement, adventure, confidence, and courage. The only thing holding us back this year will be our own self.  If we are ready and willing, it is time to remember that we have all we need inside us. We have strength. We have our experiences that we have learned and grown from. We have wisdom. We know what feels good for us and what doesn’t. This doesn’t mean that life will be an easy straight line. Life is full of ups and downs. Yet, we’ve learned to ride the waves with grace. We don’t have to know exactly where we are headed and how we are going to get there, but hopefully we have remembered that we have an inner GPS that guides us moment by moment, saying this way, that way. And when we do forget these things, we will have those around us to remind us.

Wishing you and your loved ones a happy, healthy, abundant 2014 filled with all that your heart needs.

Much love,


(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

Dana Mrkich is an Energy Intuitive, Author of A New Chapter, Creator of E-course Create a Life you Love and an inspirational teacher, writer and speaker. For more info, please visit her website, or for regular energy updates join her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.


  1. Thank you Dana. You really hit the nail on the head for me here. Happy New Year. Many blessings to you always. Deborah

  2. Thank you so much Dana..I love reading your stuff for many reasons. One being that I can so relate to your writing style….so I laugh and perhaps cry as I read,feeling like i'm sitting down with a really good friend talking about life in the now. Thank you for your heart and for the way you listen and express. Well done and so many blessings to you!

  3. Thank you Deborah and Julie! So great to hear you enjoyed it!

    Happy New Year!

    Dana xo

  4. I really resonated with this piece. May we all (individuals, societies and the whole world) have the best year yet!

  5. Year of the horse? Giddy up!! I'm ready to meet my stallion ;)

    Wonderful, witty, intelligent and thought provoking post! I LOVE your take on things. Have an Amazeballs and magical time in 2014!


  6. Thank you Dana , and have a very beautiful new year ! <3

  7. Thank you so much Dana:)
    Love and Light from Norway.

  8. Thank you so much Dana.
    Love and Light from Norway