Thursday, February 06, 2014

The Rrroooooaaaarrrhhhh Flares of February

Six days into February and we've already had 14 M Class Solar Flares. 

They've triggered a lot of anger and violent happenings, with bows and arrows being slung back and forth everywhere from personal relationships and intense physical body/health eruptions to government decisons and Hollywood stories spilling out onto the real life world stage. 

All of this energy is due in part to a) not owning something within you and projecting it outward or b) receiving someone else's projections because they are not owning their stuff, which feels like being punched repeatedly or hit by a truck as it reverses all over you. 

Breathe in your own Lifeforce. Ask that anything that is not yours be sent back to its rightful owner. Ask yourself if you always feel that something is your fault? Where does that come from? Do you feel responsible for other people's troubles, or do you blame other people for your own? 

There is a lot of energy flying all over the place as we strive to find the right balance with our boundaries and responsibilities. Where are we healthily handing down a rope to help and where are we jumping into holes to try to push someone up that doesn't want to budge? Where are we healthily holding someone accountable and where are we holding onto bitterness, anger and resentment that keeps festering and holds us back? 

Today is a good day to shake it out: go for a walk or run, dance, scream and shout with the music turned up. Let out your Rrrrrraaaaoooaarrhhh in a good way! 

How are you all travelling?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

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  1. Wow. I started some personal change work with a professional a few weeks ago. The session are all revolving around this concept. I see it as critical for my survival as I tend to go into an uncontrolled disassociation. Do share more about this phenomenon of projections and how they rise and fall in us an others How to work with those energies on a spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical level..