Saturday, February 01, 2014

When a Mad Man is at the Helm

One of my favourite quotes is by Leslie Parrish-Bach: "Suppose they gave a war and no-one came."

I am being reminded tonight of the way in which people give away their authority to the person in charge, usually for fear of losing their jobs or status or lives or sometimes just because we are taught not to question a leader. 

As our political leader here in Australia is making one detrimental decision after another I feel like saying to the members of his party: "When a mad man is at the helm, stop rowing the boat!" 

Can his party not vote this guy off the island already??? Many in his party disagree with his actions but oh yeh, he has forbidden them to speak to the media without his approval!!!!!!

Approval today was given to start dumping waste in our precious Great Barrier Reef. 

Our federal government has also asked UNESCO to strip Tasmania of 74, 000 hectares of World Heritage Protected Forest.  

Please sign one of the many petitions online at Change.Org or Getup.Org and/or please send prayers and visualisations that all of our world's water is clean and pristine, and that our protected trees remain so.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014


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