Friday, July 25, 2014

Grief and loss opening our hearts

From Wednesday 23 July:

Today was a big heart day filled with love, loss and grief. On our walk this morning we passed the local school. Parents and children were gathered with colourful balloons and flowers to celebrate the life of their beloved teacher, who lost her life on MH17 last week. 

Not long after I heard the sad news that my cousin-in-law's beautiful mum had passed. The closeness she shares with her sisters reminds me of the relationship I have with my own sisters, and the experience we had of losing our mum 12 years ago. 

There is something about death that awakens you to life in a whole new way. Grief breaks the heart...many times breaking it open in a way it never would have otherwise. 

On days like this I wish we could have an annual pass to see our loved ones, just for a hug. On days like this I think they are with us, closer than ever. xxx

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

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