Monday, October 27, 2014


Update to the post about three X Solar Flares this past weekend....we've had an M Class Flare every hour for the past 4 hours. 

Sleep is deep or non-existent, the mind is being cleared, the heart is feeling all, the body is feeling lighter (in between feeling heavier during the processing moments). 

Welcome to another week all! x

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014


  1. "Sleep is deep"

    A HA! Yes, I have been sleeping DEEP the past week and having intense VIVID dreams (the ones that I can't help but take note of) and many of the dreams have had a theme that I am moving from my current home to a new city. The move is always happy and exciting in my dreams but I didn't quite understand the meaning until now when I got caught up on reading your blog entries.

    (I was one of the people who felt 2012 fizzled. I knew we shifted, but was disappointed it wasn't more obvious.)

    Along with my symbolic (or foreshadowing?) dreams, I also had a situation today where a manager at work lead a meeting about dealing with work stress that was completely holistic and enlightened. We talked about quantum physics principles without labeling them as such ("stress only kills you if you THINK it is going to kill you") and as I sat in the meeting I felt the shift in consciousness that allowed this to be a new normal.


  2. Hi AriesIntrovert,

    Thanks for your comments, always great to know how people are feeling! The work meeting sounds fantastic. I am loving hearing about thing that only a short time ago were considered a bit too woo woo and now mainstream isn't batting an eyelid - LOVE IT!!!