Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Some integration time...finally

Aside from a reasonably sized Solar Flare yesterday morning Australia time, former Sunspot AR 2192, now known as Sunspot 2209, has been relatively quiet.

While part of me misses major Solar activity because I can literally feel the energy coarsing through me when the Sun is super active, the other part really welcomes the integration time that quieter times bring.

Several weeks ago we thought we were in for a two week break while 2192 slid round the far side of the Sun, but then another strong sunspot appeared with yet more strong flares. So we ended up experiencing almost a month of intense emotions being triggered, old wounds and patterns coming up, unexpected events and situations forcing us to feel or do things we hadn't planned on and more people we know leaving the planet than I can ever remember in such a short period of time.

I always liken these intense shift months to being like a car wash/rinse/spin cycle. It's hectic while you're in there, but out the other side you feel a sense of being more clear and renewed in some way, with a fresh sense of motivation, passion or perspective, especially where any of those things have been lacking. You may find yourself with a completely different set of priorities than you've ever had before, with old ones drifting off, feeling irrelevant to who you feel yourself to be now.

Your energy is more connected to your true self and your true needs now more than ever. What this will mean is, when you go with the flow of this connection and allow yourself to acknowledge what you really need/feel/want, you will feel rejuvenated and energised. When you don't, you will more than likely feel drained and even resentful or frustrated.

Our heart and soul is taking over the reins. It is becoming more painful and uncomfortable every day to repress our true feelings and needs by brushing them aside with 'I don't have time to do that' or 'I can't just sit and relax, I need to get things done.' While certain things in life of course have to be done, if you keep getting messages to slow down, then it would be wise to listen to those messages in any small or large ways you can. Likewise, if you are getting messages to take some leap of faith around some new action or goal, then go for it in any small or large ways you can: let go of your doubts, and take some steps toward the direction you are feeling called to go in.

I hope that if you found yourself in the latest heavy-duty wash/rinse/spin, that you are feeling some of the "dry, buff and polish" benefits that integration time can bring.

How are you all feeling?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

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  1. Hi Dana, A few weeks back I mentioned a relationship that I wasn't sure about and you replied, and I fully agree, that "he could be the one, or the one before the one." I think all this sun spot activity has opened up and pushed to the surface old wounds I needed to deal with so that I will be ready for "the one" when he arrives. I now see the current man as the one before the one and is a catalyst to assist me in healing wounds and things that would not have come up if he come along first. Even though I was disappointed at first because he is a dear man and I'd like to keep him in my life I know it won't work out for us and we will move on. I see the wisdom in the timing of him coming into my life during this time of major shifting and upheaval so that I could work through my wounds and then be ready for "the one" when he arrives. It has been stressful working through this but I do feel so much better now, and peaceful and very grateful for all that revealed itself to me so I could be free. I bought a new dress, good advice, (a little black dress to be exact) that is hanging in the closet until "the one" arrives. :) Much love and big, big hugs to you, Dana. Love, Candace