Friday, December 12, 2014

Greenpeace and the Nazca Lines

Greenpeace protestors have gone onto the ground of the Nazca lines to set down their publicity banners. My brain cannot compute the level of unconsciousness at work here. 

Almost as mind-boggling is their bizarre 'we are sorry if we caused offence' apology. How can environmental protestors not realise that they have caused environmental damage to a protected site? This is aside from the fact someone thought it was a good idea to grafitti something so sacred?

Terrible things are done every day to our planet, but to be done by a group that say they are serving the planet it is clear that this organisation need to sit down and re-define why they are doing what they are doing. 

When the need to get ones message across overrides ones actual intention, and in fact directly contradicts it, it is time for a big re-think about what exactly you are doing and why.

 #Greenpeace #NazcaLines

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014


  1. No surprise here, Dana. Greenpeace is very much a key component of Agenda 21:

    Here's a salient quote from the doc linked above: "Twenty years ago at the Rio Earth Summit, governments committed in Agenda 21 to “sustainable agriculture
    and rural development (SARD)” and called for measures such as “policy and agrarian reform, participation, income diversification, land conservation and improved management of inputs”.1"

    And then again here "Political summits should be about delivering the transformational change the world needs. Governments should be launching an action plan to shift world agriculture from its current path and deliver on the original vision of Agenda 21."

    The Nazca Lines? Greenpeace? No energy connection here as they do the bidding of the NWO. g

  2. Aren't the lines themselves ground marks in service of some purpose ?
    be it religious, or as space craft landing marks, or who knows what
    those who made it also advertised something serving their own agendas
    environmentally aware regardless

    but the earth is owned by none, none has birthright to make any marks on her
    we are all arbitrary placing our ego inflated flags on her
    and i don't know why GreenPeace's purpose is less sacred than Nazca's

    1. Dim, no message is more important than the other but I'm not going to come over one day and place my advertising banner in your backyard without asking. Would you be okay with that if someone did that?