Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Guest Post: No more ladder camping

Sometimes I get a comment that really should be a blog piece all of its own! The following is one such comment, copied here as a Guest Post with permission from the author Cathy. It is a no-holding back, tell it like it is clear perspective related to the post Hi to higher vibrations, and bye bye bridge. There is a lot of interesting food for thought here:

Dana, I'm glad you have sensed this and put out this message. Here's what I have come to know about this over the years.

In the last several years there were more people "on path" than there were "completed" / ascension-ready.

4D is a transition zone, literally a ladder between the levels of 3D and 5D. Odd numbered dimensions are dwelling areas while even numbered are transition zones.

Unfortunately many people got into 4 D levels and decided to camp out there, literally attempting to turn ladder rungs into dwelling places. That was not meant to be and yet there were so many for so long just stopped that in early 2012 a 4D hologram was starting to form. But it was not sustainable and is not truly ascension, so in September of 2014 that got overruled / cancelled /stopped. Since then it is very much indeed all or nothing - either finish ALL of your healing work and truly, fully complete or stay in 3D. No more ladder camping. That was all rather half-*ssed and is still clinging to 3D and limit.

And the result? You said it yourself - stagnation. For EVERYONE. Not just for people camping in 4D but also for those who were ascension-ready and for Gaia and even for those who will continue their growth and evolution work in 3D, for even the 3D timeline has been held up, not allowed to move forward. Very often those who were ascension-ready were holding off the destructive 3D timeline so that all the ascension work done by individuals and Gaia would not be wasted. It was very exhausting and all were still in 3D physical vessels, which can only take so much. The ladder rung dwellers have been a real wrench in the works of this planetary ascension and have literally put the ascension of Gaia at risk with their lack of urgency.

This 'tweener level of people would look at most of the people in the world and see they were not as bad off and mistook / mistake this for being "done". This is not a race but it IS a competition, which, unbeknownst to many, literally means "aim together". And THE absolute BEST way to help this ascension effort is TO DO YOUR OWN INNER HEALING WORK! 

As Marianne Williamson said, you are NOT helping others by playing small yourself. It doesn't matter if anyone else "sees" the results of your inner work, it's about having the sheer guts to do it. It's not about what you do "out there" but what you are doing "in here".

Many who tend to drag their heels have only moved forward when pushed energetically, yes, by solar activity or astrological / cosmic alignments etc., like they need a constant cattle prod or they're not budging. As soon as the peak of such energies fade, then these people let themselves get lulled back into lollygagging again. Folks, this has got to stop. It's long overdue to take the bull by the horns and PROACTIVELY, very INTENTIONALLY commit to your healing work.

Yes Dana, as you say, there is a spiral affect, yes there are active times and times to rest and gather energy for the next push, but one could stand to take some initiative and not wait for someone or something else to push at their backs in order to keep moving forward. ASK for it, then don't resist the work when it is presented.

If you TRULY want to ascend IN FULL to 5D (nothing short of that IS ascension) you all have got to get with it pronto. Yes it very much IS all or nothing. Be wholehearted about it. It's long past time to quit horsing around.

2 things required for ascension

1. Release what is not you.
2. Embrace was IS truly you.

Let me rephrase –

1. Release all disempowering programs, limits, wounds, fears, ego issues, materialism.

2. Connect to your Higher / Divine self and follow its guidance. (Quit dismissing your intuition, no matter how much it beats against the world "out there".)


Guest Post by Cathy.


  1. Ladder camping…wow
    I’d like to share a dream I had years back. I was up in the sky, no earth in sight, sitting on a cloud, where I lived. There was a huge ship to my left, and behind me, which I knew was where humanity lived. There were beings to my right, in front of me, just floating, suspended in the air. I was okay on my cloud, but terrified of falling off. Suddenly my late father appeared, and he tried to shove me off the cloud! When I screamed, what are you doing, I could have fallen, he said you can’t stay on the cloud; don’t you want to be floating like those beings.
    When I woke, I Knew that the ship was 3D, the cloud was 4D, and the floating beings were in 5D. And that my 4D cloud was my “spirituality” - all of the effort - to heal, to be conscious, reading and following all the teachings, trying not to ‘fall off’ back into 3D consciousness. And it also contained so much fear.
    Since that dream, I often remind myself, like a mantra, Let Go of the Cloud.

  2. While feeling both - exhaustion (sometimes) after twenty years of conscious inner work and - uplifted with so many things falling into place with ease more and more I just can say, that hopefully the ladderfolk would eventually see, that the work is absolutely worth it, for ourselfs and (that I cant see clearly yet) for humanity. to leting go of all kinds of fears makes life so awesome. Catch the dragon, sit on its back and fly ;-), there is company out there :-)
    Love and Light

  3. Lightworker to Ascension1:15 am GMT+11

    If Cathy would be really in 5D, she wouldn't be judging others being where they are in the process of their Ascension. Because being in 5D means for me being able to look at others as the Angels, the Ascended Masters, God, Jesus, Maria, etc. , look at us Human Beings. Laying a guilt trip on others, making them feel bad about themselves, making others start comparing themselves to other people, is something the Ego is fond of. Trust your inner wisdom, your inner guide. Everything is in Divine Order. If we all could look down at ourselves as our own Angels, we would lovingly smile with compassion and acceptance for the stage we are in right now.

    1. thank you for this ❤
      all is exactly how it's supposed to be - everyone is exactly who/what/where they are supposed to be
      i am now amused when i read things like that if i smoke - eat bad foods - i am not at the same level as someone else - haha - a truth that belongs to someone else - not me :) we are all one! and when you start comparing.....thats a vibration i don't want within me

      i am - nothing more nothing less

      i ask the universe every morning to allow what is in my highest good for me today and i still smoke and eat poutine - until i judge that it is lowering my vibrations - my vibrations still vibrate at a place of complete acceptance of what is - not deciding that anyone or anything isn't as it should be :)
      i am fortunate to know that not only myself - but every human being has chosen to be here and charted their path on earth - how can anyone be anywhere but where they are :)
      Just Be, nothing more, nothing less
      peace and blessings to you Lightworker to Ascension

  4. The focus on healing is also a 3D program. This is what keeps so many people stuck. They think they have to work and work and work on them selves and therefor they create this reality Unknowingly. We are already there people!!! Stop talking About it start being.

  5. Everyones truth is valid, no right and wrong.

    Geez.. somebody bring me a vino

  6. Lightworker to Ascension--not so keen on doing the work eh? How's that ladder rung treating you? Butt getting a little sore?

    Anonymous--if we were already "there" and had no more healing work to do, then paradise would already be manifested around us. I would hope it should be fairly obvious given the state of the world when we look around that we have NOT yet achieved our 5D ascension into paradise.

    Be11a--If that's true then why are you bothering to comment? Just let Cathy say her (valid) peace and go drink your wine, but you chose to comment--why?

    These three comments are examples of the insidious spiritual guilt-based whitewashing "logic" that just isn't going to fly anymore. This post was incredibly validating to me after many years where I have been furiously dedicated to this work every single day (8 years, now) and kept observing others, many who had been at it much longer than I had (and thus fancied themselves better and "more advanced") who CLAIMED to be on the same path, keep slipping into complacency and judgment of me when I tried to get them moving again in the places where I could feel they were stagnant or trapped. That is my gift, sensing trapped energy in a state of denial.

    Saying everything is nothing, all points are valid so you should give up yours, and "the view from the top is that nothing matters, so let go of your present feelings" is a load of Luciferian BS. If that's what you guys believe, then why would you choose to incarnate here on this hell planet at all during such a painful and tumultuous time? Or are you just not interested in feeling your true emotions? Do you not care at all about the process? Cause that's sure what it sounds like. I think you're ladder sitters, and I'm not going to apologize anymore for speaking my truth--I don't care what kind of guilt-based manipulative misleading BS you try to throw my way. Sh*t or get off the pot already, are you going to help Earth or just act like you're so much better than we who are still busting our asses trying to make this thing happen?

    1. 'Be11a--If that's true then why are you bothering to comment? Just let Cathy say her (valid) peace and go drink your wine, but you chose to comment--why?'

      Anon, you are absolutely correct !
      Cheers :)

    2. Anon, I should say it wasn't Cathy's post that I was referring too, it was the judgement in the comments section. I don't like seeing people being bullied, boxed for their beliefs. That was all :) All I saw was a lack of compassion and spiritual arrogance. It reflected back to me why the 'lightworker' community pisses me off sometimes...and I def don't want to be part of that.

      So yes, this was a also mirror for me..yes...both the ugly/ beautiful bits.
      I am where I am, and that's okay.And so I have to thank Cathy. x

  7. I think the comment made is the truth. I am feeling that is wasn't to make people feel that they are less, I can feel it was meant to help people see that there could be the possibility that we could be stuck. I think I am one of those that got 'stuck'. I would not have been able to accept this a week ago, I would have one of those feeling that I was being attacked after all these years that I have been on this 'unloading' process but recently I could actually see how stuck I really was.
    I found myself not budging because I had a lot of fear that was heavily embedded in me that I just could not shake off for whatever reason. But recently I was able to completely face the fact that I was still holding back moving forward because I had not yet pushed myself in the manner that I really needed to push. I was resisting feeling that I really could do it. I could see I hadn't really believed enough in myself and it wasn't because I wasn't capable it was because how I had been raised. I had a lot of insecurity about myself and I don't think I had really known this.....until now.
    All of this has changed, I took a good look at myself and realized that I had be holding back on myself, I had held back believing in me enough to push me over the fence. I had to see that I had to put in more effort because of the density of my resistance, but I could not make that happen unless I had seen the fact that I was the one that was holding my own self back.
    So, I agree with the post, I agree that we have been in stuck position. It isn't wrong and it isn't bad, it just IS. Maybe it feels like we're being judged and forced once again but I think it would be better to have one last push in order to get us all over the fence. it isn't about whether you've been on this journey for how ever many years, it's about KNOWING that we need to give it one last good push in order to get that car out of the mud. We've done great, we've been amazing, and there is no doubt about that but I am sure there are many that are stuck and don't really know it. I actually didn't take that post personally, it was help. it didn't feel like help but help can come in many different ways, we just need to realize that.
    We are still doing great, we are coming right along. We are all getting there. I have no doubt of that. Take those things that resonate with you and release those things that don't but know that there is no wrong way and there is no bad way, there are many ways and there are many that are saying things that are being said in order to help us get over that fence. Peace to all, You are doing a great job!

  8. Acadia Moon6:12 am GMT+11

    Cathy, you are amazing!!!! This is all so true. I don't see this as a judgment whatsoever. It is an obvious observation. YOU HAVE TO DO YOUR OWN WORK!! no matter how yucky it feels. Look at your own shit. There is so much victimization and "helping" others in the spiritual community. Doing Service for others so you can hide from your own darkness, time spent on focusing on others so you can deny your own pain. Most assistance is not from the heart. It is from a place of denial, lack, wounded inner child, avoidance. This energy is rampant in the Spiritual communities.