Tuesday, February 17, 2015

We are all growing together

Last week I featured a guest post on this page, which created a storm of differing opinions. Here's what I know for sure: we cannot force anyone to change or grow, nor should we. Nor can anyone force us to change or grow!

Something I have always been averse to with this whole 'ascension' topic (a word I don't really use a lot), is this notion that a certain group of people at a certain level of growth are all the same, and different in every way to another group of people at another level of growth. Or that a group of people are suddenly all going to be lifted up into paradise and into a new earth that is perfect overnight leaving the rest behind to smoulder. This just isn't true, and I should add, doesn't feel true for me. Look, I might be wrong and if I am I am, but I can only write as I've always seen it and felt it personally.

More true, I feel, is that there are different levels of every aspect of consciousness and awareness co-existing within us all simultaneously. As an example, last week I opened up to a whole new level of clean eating, meanwhile thousands of people have been eating like this for years. I have gone countless times with my sister to the markets while she buys her coconut oil and chia seeds, but had no urge to follow suit. I have loved my carbs, even though I kept getting strong nudges to reduce or even stop them altogether for a while.

A series of very clear intuitive messages and validation with a blood test told me that my immune system needed attention asap. At the same time, three times that week I had seen an article in three different places talking about a recent scientific study that has shown that a 3 day water fast* re-sets your immune system. I needed no more prompting....I started it immediately the very next day....last Wed, Thurs and Fri, hence I have been quiet on here of late.

It has changed me, and I can feel it still changing me. (Last night I was seeing fluorescent lines and swirls along with a shimmering in our bedroom doorway, and yes I have resumed eating...mainly vegies and protein for now). I have HAD to upgrade my clean eating to a level that I just didn't feel I wanted or needed previously, and now I find myself standing in a field where there are thousands of people saying "Welcome, where have you been?!"

Meanwhile those same people might be opening up to new fields in other areas that they haven't previously felt called to visit be it a higher intuition or shadow governments or love or a million other possible topics and life areas.

So you might be standing in front of a loved one, shouting at them about this book or that lifestyle choice or that healing process: but they will not be able to hear you until they are ready. I was not ready for this style of eating before, but my future self pulled me up and clearly put me on a new train track for my own good, and I am grateful. Now that I am ready I can't get enough info and I am loving every moment of this new path!!

So really it is like we are standing in this giant circle that is made up of many circles. And we are really expert at some of those: if you want to know about energy and consciousness, come sit in my circle. Yet if I want to know a bit more about growing my own vegies or how to build a woodfire oven, I will go over and open to someone else's circle and learn from them.

We are headed in the right direction with our evolution, because these types of circles are expanding. Years ago they were very small with few people, but now there are millions gathering in each healthy lifestyle, socially/politically/environmentally/spiritually/etc awake and aware circle. That is a sign of our collective growth. That is a sign that we are collectively evolving. The circles are growing in size by the day.

It is not like school where you learned very specific topics on each level and so by the end everyone was roughly at the same level of knowledge. I can tell you what is going on with your energy field without even seeing you, but I don't know if I could light a fire with no matches or lighter and I would really like to know how to do that. Many people want to ascend...I want to descend! I arrived here connected to the universe....I want to connect with Mama Earth now.

Our next level of evolution I feel, is to embody a higher level of consciousness and awareness right here on Earth in our physical bodies, and incorporating that (eventually) into every system and structure on the planet. This is happening. It will happen on a grand scale. I wish it was going faster, but I am so happy to see and feel it is happening faster now than ever.

What are your thoughts? xx
* A water fast is not to be taken lightly, and is an extreme practice.  Please know the state of your health prior to attempting, and inform yourself on proper, safe fasting methods, including easeful entry and exit in and out of fast periods. Seek a qualified health practitioner's guidance if needed.


  1. The world is a mirror.
    I was more bothered by the negative responses than the actual guest post. It takes courage to put your truth out there, and all I saw was a whole lot of judgement in the comments section. That's why it's not a good idea to get too attached to any labels/ beliefs/ outcomes...way to limiting.

    Perhaps we should see we have in common, not what seperates us. We are after all going in the same direction...towards the light as it were. Even the ‘’light challenged’ as I see them as major catalysts to change to a better way. We are all in this together, just playing different parts.

    The only thing I know for sure, on this crazy, unpredictable journey.. is that TRUTH isn't fixed..it's is an ever changing, multi-dimensional entity. Constantly growing and expanding. Beyond the human mind.
    Perhaps in 5 years we will all look back and be astonished at what we believe today and see all this as absolutely hogwash! (ha ah)

    You can't make a cata-piller think like a butterfly. Thanks to the lady who guest posted.
    It was def food for thought.

  2. Also I use an alkaline water filter jug, highly recommended. Good for skin too :)

  3. Dana, just because you recently realized you have not tended to parts of your being and hence you are not completely whole, unified and integrated in your own self / being, does not mean that others are not / can't be. Unification starts with self. You'll only do so well at unifying with others if you have unified with yourself. You obviously got the divine connection, but neglected the connection to your body, which is your strongest connection to Earth / Gaia.

    Ascension is real. It may not be for you though, so it won't happen. You are creating your own reality. If you do not address ALL levels of your being, then you certainly aren't ready. Originally, this planet / realm was meant for experiencing, but make no mistake that we came here this time to ascend Gaia. Anyone who actually assisted her was both connected to spirit and also well grounded. You cannot bring Heaven to Earth or raise Earth to Heaven if you aren't firmly connected to both. And Gaia will be ascending soon. I sense that you have sensed this but misinterpreted it.

    Gaia chose to be ascended now because there are many destructive occurrences on lower Earth. There are good things also, but overall, it is headed down a destructive path. That is the reason why there is any reason for urgency.

    I read some of the dissenting views on that previous post, blog and fb, and it seems some are fighting for their right to miss the boat. They do have every right to do so and many, many people will / are doing just that.

    Anyone who has played a major role in assisting Gaia's ascension has wanted the very best for their fellow human. They could not have done what they did if not. But everyone's free will is honored. I'm not one bit concerned about you Dana or anyone. Everyone will get just exactly what they want, need, and choose.

    Some people are graduating now though, even if you are not.


    1. Dear Frank,

      I really appreciate your words here. I do want to say though that just because I recently realised that I had yet another upgrade regarding what I eat, doesn't mean I have neglected my body or been walking around not connected to the Earth.

      Definitely this may have been true over 10 years ago when I still referred to people as 'the humans' (and I openly and honestly talk about my 'human awakening' in my book), however I have slowly been descending since then.

      My focus has always been on wholeness and unification with all aspects of my being, and for me, my experience has always been, that just when I think it's all done, hey presto, it's not. For you, it may all be done, in which case congratulations that's wonderful.

      I am not arguing about where this Earth is going, I have been talking about this my whole life, I only said that the word 'ascension' is not one I use often.

      All the very best,


    2. What you just said about food and groundedness is oxymoronic. Your body is on loan from Mother Earth. You have dissed your body and you admit you were even given the guidance and ignored it.

      Dana that is a clue to some resistance that you don't like to use the word ASCENSION. In that regard also, you dis Gaia. I'll scream it from high and low. And it's not only you who shies away from that word. Many so called lightworkers seem to think it's taboo and certainly not en vogue. Too bad for all of you. And the saddest part is that you are doing this to yourselves. I definitely wish you all the best. Tough row you've chosen to hoe, but I've already hoed the tough row attempting to help those who insist on remaining recalcitrant. Some of us are being released from contracts now. May you have all you choose.


    3. Frank, what you said right here (below) (and Cathy said something about this also) is the whole crux of this. People seem to glaze over this, choosing instead to take offense when there is none intended, which indicates areas to still work on right there.

      "Gaia chose to be ascended now because there are many destructive occurrences on lower Earth. There are good things also, but overall, it is headed down a destructive path. That is the reason why there is any reason for urgency."

      What people who are NOT ascension forerunners don't realize is that those who are have been doing a MAJOR amount of energy work and that does indeed include holding off destructive forces as Cathy stated. And WE can only do that for so long. Yes, I know from personal experience, because I am one. That is where the time crunch is coming from in all of this. That's all. If Earth did not have the cabal with it's scorched earth policy and all the people duped by them or was not in any other way heading down the path of destruction, then it wouldn't matter, everyone could take whatever time they want or need and experience all they want. And they still can, but now with added consequences.

      That is why people need to get with it IF they want to ascend. There is no judgment in what Cathy said, she just understands that your path needs to line up with your goal. If you are asking for ascension, then you have to do what is required.

      If, like Dana, you want to descend and, whether she realizes it or not, that includes some intense experiences in a world going down the tubes, but that's ok, but if that is your choice, then really, when it comes right down to it, you can just ignore Cathy's comment. She talked herself of 3D level people having made their choice. She is basically asking 4D level people to make theirs. And by the looks of the comments on these posts, people are making their choices, finally. And it sounds like many of the commenters are choosing not to ascend this lifetime.

      I wonder if any of you that were offended by that post would have one iota of compassion for us forerunners even if your consciousness was high enough to actually understand just what all we've been through for this effort. You all still have free will. I have been doing the Divine's will for several years now so I don't get to make choices that you all still can. I know that's sounds totally wack, but those of you who are not forerunners, you don't know. If you truly wanted to know, you could ask the Divine to help you understand, that is, if you can actually stand to consider someone other than yourself. How about Gaia, do any of you actually consider her and her ascension in all this or are you and your experiences more important than the planet you came to assist?


    4. Rick, descending is just a term I used to say I am into embodying my higher consciousness....I elaborate on it much more in previous writings and my book. It doesn't mean getting back down into 3D. I have spent my life, since a little girl, with a sense of urgency. There is so much judgement going on between conscious people right now, it is really not nice.

    5. I'm laughing at all these people playing the "judging / judgment" card. Aren't you all judging by saying someone else is judging? I just want to point out that hypocrisy first, but, I have to go on to say I see nothing wrong with judging.

      If you look up judgment and discernment in the dictionary, it uses each word to define the other.

      But the best definition I've ever heard for these two words came from Patricia Levy:
      Judgment is a left-brained logical function based in reason.
      Discernment is a right-brained intuitive function based in knowingness.
      As far as I care both are important and neither is "wrong" or "bad".

      Everyone could stand to hone their judgment and discernment skills and also their honest self-assessment skills.

      What I've observed is that people have 20/20 eyesight and insight when it comes to others' issues and yet many people are not so good at an honest self-assessment and literally put on blinders about their own issues. But someone else's feedback can be very valuable. Listen, if nothing else, it's a test. First scenario - it is valid information, that if taken to heart and mind can actually broaden one's horizons, help them evolve or break out of a rut and it could be very beneficial. Second scenario - it is not accurate, but it prompts you to make a reassessment of yourself. If you still are quite satisfied with who and what you are and you truly are being what you want to be, then it's just a test and it's served its purpose of being a good self-check. In both / either case(s), was that person a God-send or what? I'd say so.

      In either case, it really isn't anything to get all riled up about. And if you find yourself re-acting to it, what is THAT telling you? Did someone just push your button, hit your trigger? Whose button? Whose trigger? YOURS. The question is not "Why is this person pushing my button?" The important question to ask yourself is "Why do I have this button?" What is your button communicating to you about further work you have to do? Why do all those playing the judgment card JUDGE a much-needed cattle prod as "negative". Stuck much? Haven't you had enough with that uncomfortable comfort zone?

      Dana, on descending... if you don't choose to ascend now and do what that takes, then you will be where? In 3D. And you may need MORE of 3D in order to get you to truly descend into your body, into this world, to actually be here... finally. I don't know how old you are or how long you've been at this "enlightenment" stuff, but you're just now getting around to descending into your body? I have seen you say somewhere that you were "to awaken as many people as possible" and yet it appears as though you have spent many years resisting even being here yourself. You really can't help here if you're not here. Come on down from the clouds, get grounded, face the reality of this world AND of Gaia's ascension (whether you care to join her or not).

      This all comes back to Cathy's comment to your own post and as you sensed yourself, the bridge is closed / closing. You also said yourself it's "all or nothing". It is for a fact all or nothing at this point. If you don't go to 5D, you will most definitely find yourself still in 3D. If 4D can be associated with any dwelling level, it would be 3D, not 5D, because 5D means you go ALL THE WAY, not half way. Where do you want to dwell? There is no right or wrong answer, just YOUR answer that you now put out to the universe.


    6. Hi Rick,

      No, I'm not just now getting into descending into my body. The way I see it there is always more growth, more expansion, more embodying our wholeness. That's all I was saying.

  4. "Or that a group of people are suddenly all going to be lifted up into paradise"
    "and now I find myself standing in a field where there are thousands of people saying "Welcome, where have you been?!"

    (just kidding)

    1. Haha yes, sounds contradictory - but I was referring to some cool websites I'm finding on paleo eating, that's all:) x

  5. Doesn't the fact that we are all having different experiences with this energy showcase the true proof of our power as creators?

    Free will. Individuation within the whole. Unique paths to the same location back to love (as all that is).

    I see the Now as a huge vat of delicious infinite-possibilities stew. One person might be experiencing the increase in light (ascension) one way, but another might have an entirely different experience even to the point where it seems like nothing at all is happening.

    This is our gift. We are free to choose.

    It takes practice and hard work to actively become a master of our destiny (to grab ahold of that heavy wheel of the ship) but it can be done and so we have infinite choices to choose... as well as the choice to not choose at all and just let the ship go where it may. :) <3

  6. Thank you. I agree whole heartedly on your view on the talk about ascension. I have not really liked this word for a while now. We must improve, clarify, connect with earth, but there is no new heaven awaiting. That is not what it's about. And we are not all on an identical path.

    Just... thank you. And all good things to you.


  7. Holy Cow, folks....just BE..too much thinkin'..too much chatter that doesn't matter..chatter chatter chatter..so distractin'..my "BE-ness"..your "BE-ness"..nothin' but INTERESTING EVOLUTIONARY EXPERIENCES..all different..all important..sit in awe and wonder..you won't BE here again..in this now moment..so stay in wonder and wander on down the stream..you can fly if you think your happy thought..seriously..get your 'BE~NESS" done..dare to be different..you don't need a "partner" to do your dance..just dance..smile and wave and a friendly "howdy do" to all you pass on the path..to ones you walk side by side with at times..It just "IS-ness"..of "BE~ness"..all you have is Now...what others are thinkin' and doin' and bein'..is not your "bizness"..Just BE your BE-ing..wallow in that until your fingers get all wrinkled.. and keep a smile in your heart..as you exhale..the next new breath now moment will come with ease.

  8. "I have gone countless times with my sister to the markets while she buys her coconut oil and chia seeds, but had no urge to follow suit. I have loved my carbs, even though I kept getting strong nudges to reduce or even stop them altogether for a while."

    "...if you want to know about energy and consciousness, come sit in my circle... "

    Obviously your circle is NOT the one to sit in to know about energy or consciousness.

    1. Oh my gosh, I was hardly sitting around eating twinkie bars!!! My goodness, words can be so taken out of context!!! I was happy cooking with my light virgin olive oil, but am now choosing to cook with coconut oil. When my inner guidance told me firmly it was time, that's what I listened to. We all have our inner blind spots or resistances, ALL of us!

      I apologise that I don't match your expectations for being a perfect vessel of perfect enlightenment that apparently I am supposed to be. This post has really brought out a lot of judgmental comments indicating that people think being awake and aware also means there is no room for growth and expansion. There are plenty of really crappy things going on in the world, I am not sure why the conscious community is turning on each other like this right now?!

  9. I saw someone on fb talked about nutrients and energy - same thing. And all the woo woo types are into colors, with auras and chakras and all. How about with your food? What indicates nutrients and what kind of nutrients in food is color, odor and flavor. If food has (without artificial colorings and flavorings) no color, no odor, no flavor, just what exactly is indicating to you that it has nutrients? Most highly refined and processed foods are white, gray, bland. We have our five senses so we can be sensible. If you are not listening to your five senses, just how good can you really be at hearing your sixth sense. If you aren't maintaining physical health that affects how you think, how you emote, how you intuit. The body is very key in all of this.

  10. Wonderful, Thank you so much. Love and Light to you <3

  11. " The truth hurts, don't it "
    My Dad's almost daily expression in response to his family's reaction to the thing they didn't want to hear, or to know, because IT really hit home.
    No coincidence then that his wisdom, his wise words fell on many a deaf ear. As well as him being invisible to most people, whilst those people who treated him that way were merely transparent.
     He was divinely humble and his wisdom gained by years of experience taught him patience and to be just that.
    I've brought this here today because of the reaction to Cathy's wisdom in many of the comments placed upon here. As well as me thinking that as a fellow earth dwelling inhabitant, I'd love to think that we each can stand to hear the truth spoken by another, in any given moment. 
    I'll be honest, if anyone is thinking aren't we all wise? I'll say it straight up no we aren't all as wise as we think, not yet. Obviously, read some of the comments, then re- read them and the post again, and then re- read the next post and then tell me/ yourself are we all as wise as we think we are.
    Let alone able to accept another's truth.
    God bless
    Goodnight ALL
    Bernice Romain

  12. Hey Dana! Just wanted to say that I appreciate your posts and find them helpful. You definitely don't deserve all the sarcasm and negativity showing up in the comments. Keep posting! Much love!

    1. Thank you - yes it was quite a strange week with the comments! Onward...!:) xx

  13. Hi Dana, I also just want to support you, please continue your good work. Just by your answers it say it all. You are full of light and it shows, you lead by example that is the funny thing :) Cherelle xx

    P.S. by the way, I'm experiencing the exact same thing as you do about clean food for the past couple of weeks or so :) (sorry if I misspelled my first language is french)

  14. Hi Dana, Last week or so there really does seem to have been a rather chaotic energy of dissent in many groups - spiritual, truth seekers etc. - and some groups being less heart-centred and inclusive than they claim to be. I had to stop myself continuing to have a Facebook row with a truth group I belong the other day!! I can usually detach. Am even having to bite my tongue with friends. I really wonder if there is something new energetically going on here? Feels as tho' everyone being stirred up into indignation of some sort or another, or feeling the need to needle people :)...

    1. Am in the middle of writing a post about this very thing!