Friday, March 06, 2015

Delays: your Soul's chosen detours

When we consciously want something, for example a love relationship, a certain level of success or some other life change, if it is not in our lives it is not always because of some big block or issue. Sometimes it is because we truly, honestly are choosing to delay that new change, on a deep heart and soul level. Perhaps not forever, and perhaps not even for a month or day more. But it is a peaceful moment when you realise....ahhhhh, so I did choose my current situation, and this is why.

Most of you reading this know that on some level we 'choose' our experiences, yet still certain situations are harder than others to accept. It is really comforting and empowering to connect with the part of you that has chosen a situation - and hear directly WHY you have.

Now yes, sometimes when we want something we don't have there are patterns and issues to face. Other times there are other people's free will and life paths to consider that differ from what you consciously would have chosen or preferred to unfold. And there are times where what we want, is not actually what our Soul wants, and is not truly meant for us. Today we are not talking about those instances - we are talking about things that are meant for you, that are for one reason or other seeming to be held at arm's length.

You can connect with the part of you that is holding something at arm's length, delaying something you are wanting, either through journalling with that aspect, or meditating and having a dialogue with this part of you. I always like to give the aspect a name like Independent Isabel or Hiding Harry. Trust yourself. You know how to receive answers from yourself, trust what comes.

It makes it so much easier to accept that part of you, to love that part of you, and to relax/surrender/trust knowing that if you chose this situation for a certain important reason, you will also eventually end up on the path where what you desire comes to you, which you also promised yourself.

Your Soul knows what he or she is doing - even if your conscious self sometimes has no clue!

Have any of you had the experience of something being delayed, only to later realise once it finally arrived/happened "Oh thank goodness this didn't come earlier, I wouldn't have been ready"? (I definitely have!)

Share your stories here to inspire others in the same boat now!

(c) Dana Mrkich 2015


  1. "Have any of you had the experience of something being delayed, only to later realise once it finally arrived/happened "Oh thank goodness this didn't come earlier, I wouldn't have been ready"?"

    I am the first to admit I can get frustrated at having to wait. I am better now than I was in my youth, but it is hard to be all Zen when you are ready for your love partner to arrive. :)

    Ever since my reading with Dana (which I cannot recommend enough, Dana is the real deal!) I have been working on clearing out any last cobwebs I had in my thoughts that were hindering me from connecting with my perfect guy.

    I know that he will emerge when the time is exactly right... and today I read an article that further illuminated what Dana already told me (my perfect guy won't limit me, he will help me to grow even further). The article is from Judith Kusel on sacred union ( and when I read it I was instantly thinking, "YES. That is what I want!"

    This piece was missing for me. Dana helped me work through my own personal blocks, but it still hadn't quite clicked for me that this relationship I am waiting for will be a sacred union. I love those words. That is what I want, a sacred union. I want a strong union with which to further my spiritual work for the universe. :)

    Now I will tweak my positive thoughts just slightly to include this image. Thank goodness he hasn't arrived yet so I could get this in place!

    - Jacqueline

    1. Dear Jacqueline,

      Thank you for this wonderful post and for the lovely words about the session!

      Yes those words 'sacred union' are beautiful and powerfully say so much. Thanks for sharing that link, for all others who may also be inspired by the article.

      Lots of love, and I look forward to hearing all about him when you two are brought together!!

      Love Dana x