Sunday, March 22, 2015

The week that was: Energies a go-go!

What a week that was! Between multiple strong solar flares, a super new moon, solar eclipse and Equinox, it feels like we haven't been able to catch our breath.

You may have felt like more things than usual were jam-packed into your schedule this past week, meanwhile the clock was accelerated making it feel like we were running on the go constantly! That said, I noticed that anytime I thought "Actually, I don't want to rush. I'm really enjoying what I'm doing right now" it is as if time slowed down and expanded a bit allowing a much more comfortable and joyful experience. 

The energies are fast right now, there is no doubt about it. Yet I'm being shown that scene from the movie Lucy, where she is standing in the middle of Times Square. Everyone is rushing around, but with a wave of the hand she can slow the scene down. If only it were that easy, but we definitely have the ability to feel something similar to this. When we take a moment to stop and breathe, it is like we press pause on all of our hectic to do lists and errands, and step out of time for a minute.

Image result for scene from Lucy Times square

Scene from 'Lucy'

That may mean literally taking a minute, in between being ready to rush out the door, and stepping outside your door just stop, take a minute, or even 30 seconds. Close your eyes. Breathe. That 30 seconds or a minute can be just as effective as a long meditation because time doesn't really exist. It can make the difference between feeling pushed and stretched all day, to feeling a bit calmer, less anxious, more centred and clearer to take on the day.

It is becoming increasingly important to take this time for ourselves. Sometimes this means re-arranging your calendar to say you know, I just can't fit all of this in today/this week. I am going to re-schedule these things and instead take an afternoon/this evening/this Sunday to just catch up with myself and re-charge. Saying yes to yourself can be hard because it often means saying no to a commitment or something that needs doing, but we are no good to anyone when we feel depleted and frazzled.

So as we move into this last week of March make a commitment to yourself to say yes to yourself more often. To stop, breathe and re-charge more regularly - be it a minute here and there every day, or an afternoon not obligated to be anywhere on a weekend.

These energy waves are like a tidal wave, moving us faster and faster forward. That is not going to stop anytime soon. We can't control those waves, but we can learn to ride them in a way that feels exhilarating when we feel up to the go go pace, yet know how to go within when we need to bunker down for a break.

How has your week been?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2015

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  1. big smile here :-) did bodywork on 18 clients in a row on a health fair in our village yesterday. I was not prepared for that, because my mind told me before, that there would not be so many visitors because of saterday and nice spring weather for the first time this year. So I went there with no stress and no expectations. I never would imagine before to do so much intense and focused work without a good pause now and then. But every hour or so there was a gap in schedule (people had signed in) when I was just standing there, focusing on myself, having some snack and water for about five minutes. Was just going with the flow the whole day long and was happy not knowing before, what would expect me that day. There was strength and ease, a nice merge :-) Thanks for posting this, I can very much relate!
    Greetings from Austria