Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mercury Shenanigans and Support

Mr Mercury doesn't officially go Retrograde until early next week but he is already causing all kinds of electronic shenanigans with computers acting up, banking/eftpos facilities going down, phones acting strange and so on.

This is partly because we are in the Shadow period ie Mercury is travelling across the degrees he will soon seemingly 'reverse' over. It is also partly because he is doing all this in his home sign of Gemini which is related to Communications.

SO take extra care when emailing and texting people over the next few weeks, making sure before you press send that your message is going to the intended party! If you are writing something that is gossipy, have a think about how you would feel if the subject of your message read it - you might find yourself reconsidering sending that message and instead delete it. 

With everyone's increasing sensitivity, we can all feel thoughts and energy being sent our way even if we can't put our finger on why we are feeling how we feel. So be mindful about what you are saying and thinking about others.

This is a great period in which to re-connect with people you haven't seen or heard from in a while - and this will usually happen quite unexpectedly.

It is a fabulous time to go over conversations that may have happened in the past, where you need some closure or a re-negotiation of some deal or agreement.

It is an excellent time to review some project you had put on hold, brush off the dust and get back into it. Something might come back to you that you had given up hope on, or where the timing wasn't right before.

Mercury is Retrograde 18 May-11 June, with the post-retrograde Shadow period lasting until 27 June.

Has Mercury paid you a visit already?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2015

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