Monday, May 04, 2015

The Business of Healing

What a wonderful speech by Carrie Bickmore last night. I'll never forget the moment back in 2002 when we were told by the oncologist that our mum, who just days before had seemed healthy and well, had 6 brain tumours 'oh, and stage 4 breast cancer'. He told us there was nothing they could do, to take her home and enjoy the next 6 weeks, because after that her body would start shutting down. That's exactly what happened. She passed 3 months after diagnosis.

During that time, next to the shock of this news, was one devastating discovery after another finding out that so many potentially life-saving treatment options were illegal or weren't easily available either because they were natural and thus not able to be patented and thus not profitable in their natural state, or the funding for the required studies and research just wasn't there for some strange reason hmmmm. We tried everything we could, as anyone would given those same circumstances, yet still there was more that I didn't know about that I know about now like Cannabis Oil. Who knows if it would have made a difference, but the people using that now to help themselves, their loved ones and their children should be supported instead of being treated like criminals. 

I pray for a day when ALL potential cures are given funding, adequate research and wider societal awareness, not just those that don't upset the current financial and medical paradigm. I don't want to upset those reading this in the medical system who are working with all your hearts and souls to help people, I know you are, and thank you. The problems go way higher. When you hear doctors say "This might help, but you didn't hear it from me" you know that something is very broken in the healing business.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2015

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