Thursday, September 17, 2015

Rise like a Phoenix

What a hugely inspiring performance by Aaron Taylor as he sang an emotionally-stirring rendition of "Rise Like a Phoenix"!! Aaron studied Musical Theatre with my sister Krisi, he blew me away then and blew everyone away at his X Factor audition. You can feel his whole heart and soul embodying this song, it is a must watch for anyone who has given up on their dream or feels close to giving up.

When you are in the creative arts, you get a lot of no's. When your work is your lifeforce this can have such a debilitating effect on everything from your motivation to move forward to your sense of self-confidence and esteem. As a writer I've given up on countless article pitches, book proposals and other projects because the rejection just feels like a heavy force pushing that lifeforce in me down. Yet there is something about our lifeforce that just won't stay down, especially when it comes to our true purpose and dreams. I just love Aaron's story and his perfect, perfect choice of song. 

The many no's make you appreciate the yes's in a whole new way, and also strengthen your soul biceps teaching you to believe in and love yourself with more depth than ever.

Congratulations Aaron!!! xx

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