Monday, October 12, 2015

Shadow and retro time over, into new clarity!

Woohoo Venus is out of shadow, Mercury is direct and I have 5 copies of my friend Jo Kelly's CD Letting Love In to GIVEAWAY for the next 5 people who enrol in my Online Course Let Love In!

All the course info is here:

Listen to a sample of the album's chillout grooves here:

Coming out of these retrograde/shadow periods is like emerging from a cloud that was making it hard to feel fully 'clear' - or you've been so immersed in getting clear within that you haven't really felt like engaging as you usually would with outer life. That's because those retro times are very much geared toward introspection and review. They are often a time to take stock of where we are at, and look at how we truly feel about our life/work/relationships.

We can be confronted by aspects of our inner workings that are ripe for transformation, and triggered to make changes where changes are due. Yet,even while our foot starts revving the accelerator knowing it's time to get moving in new ways, the retrograde and shadow periods can have us feeling like the handbrake is on, or that the flag guy hasn't yet waved the flag for go time! September was very much like that - a lot was moving and shifting on the inside, but the month was a blur in terms of remembering what we actually did externally?! Anyone else feel like that?

The good thing about planets going direct and coming out of shadow is: handbrake is off, flag is down, lights are green!

All that time re-charging your energy, refreshing your motivation, renewing your clarity, and getting re-inspired is now ready to be put into action!!

If love and relationships are your most desired 'ready for change' life area right now please go to the link at the top of the post and get ready for some serious soul scuba-diving!!

How are you all going? Are you feeling a greater pull to start taking some big new actions? x

(c) Dana Mrkich 2015 

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