Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wednesday Wisdom Seeds #1: Sending Light

We often hear people ask, well if the planet has more light than ever right now, and if this light is supposedly increasing, why all the craziness? Light amplifies everything. Light shines a torch on everything inside us and outside us. So we can see our sabotaging beliefs more clearly, and we can feel our potential in a greater way. We see the crap and corruption going on around the world with more transparency, and we are more aware of alternatives and solutions.

So this brings up a question. If Light amplifies everything, then what is the best thing to do when thinking of a crisis area or a location that is about to be affected by a storm? A lot of people say 'send light' but if light amplifies then sending 'light' can potentially increase the chaos. Sending light to someone with some major issues, without also sending in a therapist, could heighten their unresolved anger without providing a healthy outlet for the expression of that anger.

This brings up another question - is then light different to consciousness and awareness? Can a person be exposed to 'light', which is energy of a certain vibration, but their level of consciousness determines how that light is received by them, physically and emotionally?

So on this topic of energy regarding people and situations, is sending love then a better option? Or sending a general prayer for best possible outcome? Or do you prefer to just mind your own energy as it were, and know that simply doing that will affect the whole in the best possible way?

What are your thoughts on all this?

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