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August Evolution Revolution & September Workshops!

August 2011
What's New this Month!  

- September Workshops: Northern Beaches & Central Coast (Sydney, Australia)
- August 2011 Monthly Visions: Emotional Bursts of Highs and Lows
- Fairytales for the Soul: Jack and the Golden Light, and The Little Girl from the Stars


September Workshops: Northern Beaches & Central Coast (Sydney, Australia)

What on Earth is Going On?
Empower Yourself as we Shift into our New Reality
A 3 Hour Workshop by Dana Mrkich

Find out more about 'era 2012':
What's happening?
Why is it happening?
How we're being affected personally
How we're being affected globally
Ways you can move through these times as empowered and easeful as possible.  

During this powerful 3 hour workshop learn more about 'The Shift' and these changing times. Discuss issues that are coming up as you jump from your Old to New Reality and become more of your Authentic Self. Find out what specifically is happening to our energy as Earth literally moves into a new vibration. Learn more about Earth's alignment with the Galactic Centre, the influence of the Solar Flares, your Vibrational Reality and how all of this is affecting every aspect of your life. This workshop includes an informative talk as well as meditation, journalling and creative exercises to support you to embody the energies of this powerful Shift in your daily life.  

Dates & Venues:

Saturday 3 September, 1.30-4.30pm
Lakeview Room, The Tramshed Arts & Community Centre, 1395A Pittwater Road, Narrabeen (next to Berry Reserve)

Sunday 11 September, 1.30-4.30pm
The Clearing, 2/31 Chambers Place, Woy Woy

Cost: $75
Please bring a journal/notebook.

BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL. To book or make an enquiry please email


August 2011 Monthly Visions: Emotional Bursts of Highs and Lows

The recent couple of weeks have been filled with an incredibly difficult energy for many, coming to a crescendo this past weekend with an almost X class Solar Flare and resulting geomagnetic storm raining down on us. Think of it as an extreme intensification of Light/High Vibrational Energy (and a pre-show rehearsal for plenty more to come over the next year) which absolutely highlights and amplifies everything particularly our authentic needs, soul's desires, old dysfunctions & any resistance remaining to wherever it is we are going.  This intensification can simultaneously trigger bursts of joy, gratitude, inspired action and profound insights when we'll feel crystal clear AND it can trigger bursts of tears, sadness, agitation, anger and upset when we might feel the murky clouds of disempowerment, confusion and heaviness. These bursts are showing you where you're at in relation to what is going on around you and how you perceive what is going on around you - they are direct arrows of communication from your Soul...Read rest here:

(For translations please allow a few days for it to appear online)


Fairytales for the Soul:

Jack and the Golden Light
Once upon a time there was a man called Jack. Jack was a wonderful man with an amazing golden light inside him. He couldn't see that golden light nor did he know it was within him, but he knew it existed because he could feel it calling him. He knew it contained all the secrets he needed to know about who he really was, and why he was really here..Read rest here:

The Little Girl from the Stars
There was once a little girl. This little girl came from the stars and all her life wondered why she was here on Earth instead of back home amongst the planets and moonbeams. One day she was at the depth of her despair. "Why have you left me here?" she cried. "Why can't you come and take me back home?"...Read rest here:


Have an amazing August!

Love Dana xo

Intuitive Catalyst for Personal, Social & Global Transformation
Conscious Evolution Teacher, Writer & Speaker 
Author, Freelance Journalist & Radio Host
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