Wednesday, August 03, 2011

August Monthly Visions: Emotional Bursts of Highs and Lows

The recent couple of weeks have been filled with an incredibly difficult energy for many, coming to a crescendo this past weekend with an almost X class Solar Flare and resulting geomagnetic storm raining down on us. Think of it as an extreme intensification of Light/High Vibrational Energy (and a pre-show rehearsal for plenty more to come over the next year) which absolutely highlights and amplifies everything particularly our authentic needs, soul’s desires, old dysfunctions & any resistance remaining to wherever it is we are going.  This intensification can simultaneously trigger bursts of joy, gratitude, inspired action and profound insights when we’ll feel crystal clear AND it can trigger bursts of tears, sadness, agitation, anger and upset when we might feel the murky clouds of disempowerment, confusion and heaviness. These bursts are showing you where you’re at in relation to what is going on around you and how you perceive what is going on around you – they are direct arrows of communication from your Soul.  
These bursts are showing us where we are aligned with who we really are, and where we are still holding on to some aspect of who we are not.  The gap between the two vibrations is so huge now that when they are attempting to co-exist within the same space the feeling is not pleasant.  How might this look in your daily life? Let’s say a part of you wants to leave a relationship, and another part is in fear so stays. Gone are the days when we were able to just brush things under the carpet, tolerate them or think “I’ll deal with it next year.”  As the two vibrations push up against each other we start seeing things like major health issues cropping up, profound emotional mood swings or even physical accidents. We aren’t being allowed to be in denial anymore when it comes to our authentic self – and if we do choose to stay in denial it will feel draining and debilitating in every way.  Gone are the days when denial and other self-sabotaging choices ultimately served us – we are moving on from that cycle now. It is time to get with the new program, one in which we are best served and serve best when we are being true to who we really are.
Let’s say we are suddenly faced with a bunch of unexpected bills and expenses and start freefalling into panic and overwhelm. Meanwhile a huge part of us knows full well, knows from having experienced it over and over again, that the universe always provides, that we will be supported, that we always receive all the abundance we need in time when we trust we will.  That panic and overwhelm will tend to feel completely suffocating and next thing you know we are losing our heads in a full blown anxiety attack! That’s the time to stop, revive, survive.  Take a breath, unplug from the old mental tapes and stories that used to believe in lack, pull yourself together and remind yourself: “What am I thinking? I know the universe is always there for me. These unexpected expenses are actually due to the wonderful expansion of my life that I asked for. If the expenses have shown up, then so too will the financial support to cover them!” You should immediately feel yourself plugging back into your Centre, allowing yourself to thus be plugged into the flow of Source Energy that is there to help you. It is like feeling the difference between deeply and easily breathing in and out, or holding your breath. Try it now and feel that difference. See how the former allows everything inside you to soften and flow easily, while the latter straight away causes tension and a ‘holding on’ energy. This is a big ‘get out of your own way’ time!
Let’s say we have often felt misunderstood or not on the same wavelength as certain family members, friends or colleagues. Well you can times that by a thousand right now, with events and confrontations highlighting any difference in vibration. It may at times feel like you are literally talking a different language, and no matter how hard you try to explain your perspective or opinion on something they just can’t understand you, and vice versa.  This is something that needs to be let go of for now. Everyone is on their own train going to their own destination their own way.  Your job is to be your authentic self, and if that in any way helps others connect with their authentic self, fantastic.  Your job is not to push or convince anyone that your way is the best way or only way, and if only they just listened to you they could have a much better life/relationship/job/state of health etc. It can be very hard to watch people live on a certain train, but any attempts right now to force them off their train without them asking or being open to it will backfire, and you’ll be left feeling pretty exhausted!  Ultimately, every single one of us need to step into our power from our own inner being otherwise we’re not stepping into our power at all, and we can think we are serving in trying to push that process along for someone when really we are not.
With all of these extreme energy bursts they are their most positive when used consciously - although some feelings and experiences feel anything but positive when you’re in the middle of it! Consciousness is key right now, because if we let our mind run the show unconsciously our emotions will be up and down like a yo-yo, our nerves will be shot, our body and adrenals exhausted. You may have caught yourself saying lately “I just don’t have the time for this!” meaning the emotional drama that is seemingly wanting to encroach onto the borders of your otherwise harmonious life. What you don’t have time for anymore is the draining giving away of power that happens when you step outside your centre. Now more than ever we have to consciously pay attention to what it is we are giving our attention to.  If we are finding ourselves getting rattled about something, first unplug mentally. It is our mind that likes to get us involved in things we don’t really need to be involved in. It is our mind that tells us stories that make us feel crappy about some aspect of our lives. So first, unplug.  You don’t have to listen to your mind.
Next, from the safety of your unplugged to Mind/plugged in to your Centre self, imagine yourself looking down at yourself, observing what triggered your mind and emotions to go into crazy freefall. What story did you suddenly start telling yourself about a particular situation? What old wound did it bring up? What old button did it push? Unplug. Unplug. Unplug. At this stage of the game, that is what you need to do. If you want to journal it out to get super clear, go right ahead. Then unplug. You no longer have ‘issues’ that you now need to spend months or years clearing. You have old stories, old tapes, old wounds that are part of an old reality and an old world rapidly collapsing. Let all these things collapse. They have served you well. They have taught you a lot. It’s time to let them go and move on into something new. You don’t have to keep playing old tapes and stories or carrying old wounds. If they have come up, it’s because some part of you still believes them or is still attached to them for some reason. Your power lies in realising: you don’t have to believe them anymore. You don’t have to be attached to them anymore. Certainly if they keep coming up over and over again, stronger and stronger, you need to figure out why part of you is holding on to them. Yet these days it can be just as powerful to wholeheartedly commit yourself to a new story and make a declaration: This is my new Story! And in so doing, your energy and the universe has no choice other than to catch up with your new chosen program.  
            We have so looked forward to the days when Light prevails, but with that Light comes the choking feeling of any ‘darkness’ remaining as it struggles to retain hold or simply does not know how to shift itself into our new vibration.  An important note here: darkness is simply a lack of light. It is not really a powerful force unto itself, unless you choose it to be. Light a match in a dark room – can the dark ‘retain power’? I don’t think so. So too, the biggest difference between where we are coming from and where we are going is, we have had a huge amount of our energy ‘turned away’ from the Light/Source/Higher Vibrations. What the Shift is helping us do, is turn toward that Light/Source/those Higher Vibrations. Earth really is the big Mama helping us, because she is hurtling forward toward it, with or without us! We happen to be travelling on her, so really we can go along kicking and screaming, or we can just go with it!
            I’ve often used the analogy of this Shift being like Mother Earth is in labour, preparing to birth a new world, contractions and all! Interestingly enough, here I am 6 months pregnant with little one due 11/11/11. Something I have found fascinating is learning about the philosophy behind Hypnobirthing and how our fear around childbirth creates tension which leads to pain and often a difficult birth experience. Conversely, when we release our fear, trusting that our body and baby were designed to birth, we can relax and open and allow a more easeful even euphoric experience. Add to this when a woman is fully relaxed, once the body gets the message it is in labour it releases hormones 200 times more powerful than morphine – something that is blocked when we are in fear. So taking this philosophy on a wider level, this shows us that our Collective Birth experience – of our New Selves, our New Reality, our New Earth – can be viewed as a natural, beautiful process that we surrender to or it can be resisted and thus made much harder depending on whether we approach it with trust or fear. Natural and beautiful doesn’t mean it’s a walk in the park, or that it isn’t intense – it means looking at our Collective Birth experience as the powerful initiation experience all births are, something that yes is challenging and asks us to step into a higher version of ourselves, but it certainly isn’t here to punish or destroy us.
             For so many years now people have been talking about ‘The Shift’ and wondering if ‘it’ will really happen. People have argued and debated about what ‘it’ really means and what ‘it’ will look like. Increasingly lately people have been freaking out about 2012 and fearing that ‘it’ refers to something really, really bad happening.  If we wanted some sort of big sign that The Shift is indeed happening, if we wanted more clarity around what it actually means, and if we wanted assurance that the waves and winds of change are going to be more social/political/spiritual than literal Hollywood style destruction, last month’s investigations and revelations into the Murdoch media empire have done just that.
"It's almost as if the whole establishment - the political-media elite - is in a state of wobble....It's almost as if the light has suddenly come on, and everybody has said: 'Good lord - were we doing that?” - Steve Hewlett, The Guardian columnist and presenter of BBC Radio 4's Media show commenting on the Murdoch News of the World story
Deception just cannot exist in the vibration that we are now heading into, and so with this increase of Light will come the revelation of many Truths which can feel uncomfortable, upsetting and exhilarating. For those who cannot yet fully feel, perceive or trust in the new energies, their focus is predominantly on all the collapse occurring and it truly feels for them that the ‘world is ending’ or at the least going crazy. A world is ending, but a new one is being born simultaneously, and the world is finally turning to sanity emerging from old craziness. We are in the midst of spectacular emotional highs and lows which you can ride as you feel to, but know you can find safe harbour within your centre anytime you need to.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2011. Permission is granted to share this article freely on the condition that the author is credited, and the URL is included. Dana Mrkich is an Energy Intuitive, Writer, Speaker, Teacher and Author of A New Chapter.


  1. Wow, thank you Dana. I heard a talk you gave once, and you have a way of enlightening as well as making sense. The examples you gave are great. Very happy in my relationship, but the money thing started to get a bit suffocating, and you are right , it always works out. WIll try that now, with a deep breath of calm,relief and joy. Thanks again, Nadia X

  2. Oh wow, couldn't have been more accurate unless you were inside my head, experiencing MY life currently! And though it took me a little longer than I liked, when I DID finally manage to "unplug" from a stressful situation, things lined up, just like you said (and I kept telling myself I always knew) they would. And then the family thing??? Out of all the articles that have been published in the last 24 hrs, your interpretations have completely hit the nail on the head! Thank you, dearest - I needed to read what you wrote!
    much ♥

  3. Thanks and keep up the good work and WOW a 11.11.11 baby! Phewwww - take good care of your energies too Dana.
    You help us all so very much. I must say I hugely appreciate your heartfelt prods into this new energy. Any skeptics left out there? If so - get a new life!
    Love and Light from LK

  4. Thanks and keep up the good work and WOW a 11.11.11 baby! Phewwww - take good care of your energies too Dana.
    You help us all so very much. I must say I hugely appreciate your heartfelt prods into this new energy. Any skeptics left out there? If so - get a new life!
    Love and Light from LK

  5. Thank you! I feel and resonate with your every word! Wonderful to be able to connect with light family in this way when sometimes your direct surroundings can indeed speak a completely different language. Love & Light

  6. Nice way of describing the confusion I feel at the moment. Also nice to know that it's affecting others at the moment. it's not just me - maybe it's them too!

  7. Hi Dana :)
    I really love your voice. You provide a lot of information in down-to-earth language and with open emotions.
    Congratulations on the new member of your family, and what a great expected birthday too! - My youngest is November 10 ;) - Thanks for taking the time to post this and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy! <3

  8. Thank you Danna, I really needed to read this message to clear myself up. Blessings to you

  9. RIGHT ON. thank you. tremendously.

  10. Lovely Dana!
    Resonant and insightful as ever dear soul sister!
    For a beautifully animated graphic of the solar flare energy enveloping the Earth at the moment you can go to:

    Much love to you all.
    Kimberley ♥

  11. WOW...great insight Dana
    I had one of those ahhaaa moments..It all makes sense...Blessings to you <3

  12. You are a true gift xxx
    Thank you your work

  13. Thank you Dana for a extremely helpful article, I can't tell you how the timing was perfect for me to read this.
    I love the part about "This is my new story" I will be using that often!
    Thanks again
    Blessings to you

  14. I enjoyed your writing. I would like to add that all new beginnings begin in the darkness. Think of seeds in the ground, stars in the sky. That makes darkness a thing to welcome not fear.

  15. Wow, amazing. This is so true. I've been experiencing this over the last year. Thank you Diana. All the best and here's to your new birth and new beginnings.