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The Emperor's New Clothes

The Emperor's New Clothes
 Originally published Living Now Magazine, June 2004 

WE ARE LIVING in a world where we seem to be living a global rendition of The Emperor’s New Clothes. This story is about a town whose people were all duped by rascal tailors just because they were afraid to look foolish, when the truth was staring them in the face. 
The people were told that only those who were wise and intelligent could see the emperor’s fine new robes. The mischievous tailors had announced that the clothes would remain invisible to the stupid and ignorant. Even the vain Emperor himself was trapped in the illusion. He couldn’t see these clothes. In truth they didn’t exist, but he kept quiet out of fear his people would realize his obvious stupidity.

As he strolled through the town with not a thread of material covering his naked body the people were all so afraid to admit they couldn’t see any clothes, they knocked each other over, gushing with compliments about how wonderful the emperor looked. As each person convinced the other that their emperor was indeed beautifully adorned, each convinced themselves that they must indeed be of low intelligence if they were the only ones who couldn’t see the special clothes.

So, too, do we seem to have developed in society a pattern where those who see and speak the truth are ridiculed and encouraged or forced to keep quiet. We are taught that if you question the rules you will be outcast as a troublemaker. We are living within dysfunctional systems that we have been told to accept as normal.

We have a legal system that has little to do with justice, yet people are told to accept it because it is the law. We have corporations, which are allowed to manufacture toxic goods, dump toxic waste into our water and pollute our air, yet people are told to accept this because it is good for national economic growth.

We have a mainstream news media that has had little to do with informing us with the truth. Instead we are fed a daily diet of fear, lies, propaganda and negativity. A myth has spread that people don’t want to hear good news, people don’t want to hear the truth, people don’t want to be inspired or empowered. Apparently we like living like dumbed-down, scared, apathetic robots.

Toxic cancer ‘cures’ versus Nature’s safer remedies
We have a medical system that has placed profit-making for the pharmaceutical companies above genuine healing. The drug manufacturers produce poisons that they themselves would not take into their bodies.

Cancer alone has become a billion dollar business where chemotherapy, the treatment most often recommended by doctors, originates from mustard gas listed on Schedule One of the Chemical Weapons Convention. It is an invasive and toxic poison, indiscriminate in its ability to kill both healthy and cancer cells.

In one Cancer Centre survey 73% of oncologists said that, out of the current chemotherapy trials, all were unacceptable due to the “ineffectiveness of chemotherapy and unacceptably high degree of toxicity”. 75% of those same oncologists said that if they had cancer they would not participate in these trials.
Dr Allen Levin in The Healing of Cancer writes “Most cancer patients in this country (U.S) die of chemotherapy”. Walter Last, writing in The Ecologist, reported “After analyzing cancer survival statistics for several decades, Dr Hardin Jones, Professor at the University of California, concluded “...patients are as well, or better off untreated.”

Many chemotherapy drugs are made up of carcinogenic materials that break down patients’ immune system, and damage DNA. After several years most patients develop a new cancer created by the treatment.

Meanwhile, effective natural therapies and potential cures for terminal dis-eases are being repressed from wider public use and knowledge. The powerful healing properties of natural medicine are shunned by the medical industry and not recommended to people as health alternatives.

Yet over 100 pharmaceutical companies are funding projects studying the indigenous plant knowledge used by local shamans, healers and medicine people of the Amazon Rainforest. Why aren’t the results of this research being shared with the public?

One reason appears to be that most natural medicine can’t be patented and thus isn’t as financially viable when it comes to making a colossal profit. The only way the pharmaceutical companies can profit is to make a synthetic replica, something they haven’t, as yet, been able to do. Is this what they mean when they say they haven’t found a cure for cancer? Or do they mean they haven’t found a profitable cure?

Meanwhile, we are donating millions of dollars to help find cures for cancer, while simultaneously allowing the logging of the Amazon and other rainforests, which contain natural cures. Experts predict that, at the current rate of destruction, we could become a planet without rainforests within 40 years with only an estimated 10% remaining by 2016.

We have politicians and governments that have little to do with public interest or community service, yet people are told to accept them because they are our voted representatives.

Who has the most weapons?
When John Howard, Tony Blair and George Bush sent troops to Iraq, a country that has been constantly bombed for the last decade, and is now being torn apart in the hunt for weapons of mass destruction, by a country that, ironically, has one of the biggest arsenals of weapons of mass destruction, who exactly were they representing then?

This attempt to dupe the people has got to be one of the rascal tailors’ biggest projects yet. If our military presence in Iraq, supporting U.S government- sanctioned terrorism on the Iraqi people, is truly part of a campaign to protect us, then why didn’t we send troops to India, China, North Korea or even the United States? All of these countries have weapons of mass destruction.

According to U.S Defense Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, there is evidence of terrorist cells in up to 60 countries around the world, including the United States. If we are looking for terrorists why are we picking on Iraq? Is it because we were told all the bad men live there?
Now that the biggest bad man, Saddam Hussein, has been caught, George Bush is being hailed a hero. Yet the United States government and military are arguably more of a threat to Iraq and the rest of the world than Saddam ever was. They have been responsible for millions of Iraqi deaths with their restrictive sanctions and constant bombing in that country over the past thirteen years. It is estimated that eight million people around the globe have been killed since the early 1950’s as a result of the United States’ ruthless actions. Why aren’t we chasing the US military and government down?

Given these observations about our current society, the tailors who are behind the whole emperor’s clothes scam are pretty smart guys. They have system after system enmeshed in dysfunction and have us convinced that this is just how the world is, we have to accept it. Or maybe they aren’t really that smart at all and have depended on our collective fears to retain power over us. We have all been too scared to admit to each other what we’re all thinking…that there’s something really wrong with this picture.

If this were a reality TV show…
Imagine that beings on some far off planet are watching a daily reality TV show featuring us and the events taking place on Planet Earth today. Our show provides them with entertainment and amusement, it makes them laugh and cry, and sometimes they hold their heads in disbelief at the state we have got ourselves into. They are placing bets in bars all over the galaxy. Are we going to realize that the Emperor has no clothes on? Or are we going to band together and confront him about the truth, and bring down the rascal tailors? Are we going to turn this train around just before we crash, or are we headed towards complete self-destruction?

Whatever the outcome of this particular fairy tale-cum-planetary reality show we are living, we are each responsible for the outcome. We can stay in denial or we can all do something to help put our society back on track so that we can redeem ourselves from this ridiculous state of affairs. It only takes one person to say to the next, “Hey, that guy’s naked!”

It is time to say to the emperor and his corrupt crew of tailors, “The tribe has spoken, it’s time to go.”

(c) Dana Mrkich 2004

Dana Mrkich is an Energy Intuitive, Author of A New Chapter, Creator of E-course Create a Life you Love and an inspirational teacher, writer and speaker. For more info, please visit her website, join her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.

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