Monday, January 14, 2013

Unity, Oneness and Reality Camps/Pods

Unity, Oneness and Reality Camps/Pods

One of my favourite quotes is by Mattie Stepanek, a wise little boy and regular guest on the Oprah show prior to his passing. He said ‘We fight because we are different, but we are not meant to all be the same.’  As we enter the era of what many have called the age of unity and oneness we are starting to experience a greater sense of unity and oneness, however it is manifesting in a completely different way to how many may have expected it to look and feel.
A lot of people misinterpret ‘unity and oneness’ as sameness when in fact it is rigid sameness - conformity to one expected way or to a set of beliefs - that has created division, separation and wars for millenia. To the contrary, when we feel free to express ourselves as the unique beings that we are, each with our own special set of gifts, each with our own ways of living and being, that is when we can most benefit from each other, and learn the most from each other - as long as we view each other with respect, acceptance, non-judgement and an open heart. When we do this we can experience a profound sense of unity and oneness with someone who holds completely different views to ourselves.
We are starting to feel strong connections now with those who resonate with us on a heart level, even if they think differently or make vastly different lifestyle choices to our own. We may be responding to their passion, their kindness, or their capacity for unconditional love even if we have distinctly different beliefs or backgrounds. Likewise we may be feeling disconnected to people we’ve been taught we ‘should’ feel close to, or used to feel close to, and no longer do. This might be causing you a lot of confusion and heartache – aren’t we supposed to be feeling more loving toward everyone?
At this critical point of our evolutionary story, we are like teenagers who have just graduated from high school, moving into young adulthood, moving into the phase of really defining who we are and becoming independent and self-autonomous. As we do this we will want to embody who we really are more and more, and we will drop old connections that don’t support that. Likewise we will drop out of people’s lives for whom our energetic vibration doesn’t resonate for whatever reason. This can all be done without drama or judgement.  We are dropping old patterns around needing validation or acceptance, and we will stand by our truth more often rather than going with the flow of someone else’s truth or expectations. And so, this is why we are moving into different reality camps. Our perception of what this means will determine whether we experience this as isolating or unifying.
Think of reality camps as pods or bubbles, each one containing a particular energy. We have the positivity pod, the passion pod, the love pod, the family pod, the inspirational pod, the environmental activist pod, the humanitarian issues pod – there is a pod for every possible human feeling, including the denser ones, and there is a pod for every possible human interest. More and more, we’ll be making conscious choices around where we want to spend our time – which pods feel good to us? We will gravitate to those we want to spend time in, and meet with like minded people there. We are of course free to hang out in pods that don’t feel good, such as the frustration pod, but we’ll discover that we feel better when we don’t spend much time there. Some people will feel like spending most of their time in the uplifting positive thought and happy vibe pods, while others will prefer to drop in for a quick dose and a chai then head off with their backpack and boots to spend time in pods that deal with difficult human, animal or earth issues.  Others prefer a good book pod or a rock concert pod to the meditation pod or healing pod. Gone are the days of boxing or labelling people or telling them ‘You have to do this to feel that, or you have to think this certain way to manifest that.’ Forgettaboutit!  It’s all about what feels right for your authentic self, what feels good to your authentic self, what is your heart and soul calling you toward, what is your truth in this moment?
These pods can be accessed via our state of mind and our feelings, via our friends and family, via our work and passions. They exist on all levels: vibrational, mental, emotional and physical.  And of course, we can be in multiple pods simultaneously. We can be in the crisis pod physically assisting those in dire situations, while staying in our calm pod emotionally.
These reality pods are not about more division, they are about everyone becoming clearer and clearer around who they are, and who they are not, what they prefer and what they don’t, what they like and what they don’t. It is a consequence of us all becoming more authentic, and it will facilitate greater ease toward maintaining and increasing ones authenticity.
Think of us all as tiny nations within a great continent. We’re like all the small countries within Europe that (now) manage to live together in peace and harmony. They live in peace and harmony because they don’t force the surrounding countries to be just like them, and visitors admire and respect the different qualities each nation holds. They all have their unique flavour and energy. So too, we are all like that. Just like we can visit certain countries to have certain experiences, we will be drawn to visit other reality pods and camps to get a dose of a certain kind of inspiration or fun or adventure or connection. We can stay away from particular reality camps if they aren’t a match for us.  The difference between camps that are in harmony with the needs, gifts and vibration of our authentic self and those that are not, will look and feel more pronounced until eventually we get to the space where we have no interaction with those pods and people in the latter camp. Some of you may already be experiencing this in your daily life.
We are moving toward greater unity, harmony and oneness even though at first it feels like greater separation and division. Less energy will be spent on trying to be what others want us to be, or trying to get others to be what we want them to be which has led to much division and disharmony.  Less energy will be spent on repressing our true needs and authentic nature. Our growing authenticity and emotional independence will naturally lead to a much healthier, inter-dependent way of living where we consciously choose our emotional states and physical experiences. As we open our hearts and respect each other’s differences, we will more easily see the authentic places within each of us where we are all the same. From there we will really feel that feeling of oneness recognising that we are all ultimately from the same source, and all ultimately want the same core things, we just have different ways of getting there.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2013

Dana Mrkich is an Energy Intuitive, Author of A New Chapter, Creator of E-course Create a Life you Love and an inspirational teacher, writer and speaker. For more info, please visit her website, join her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.


  1. Thank you very much for sharing such a nice article Dana. Reading you is a great pleasure...

  2. Beautiful! Thanks Dana xo

  3. "Less energy will be spent on trying to be what others want us to be, or trying to get others to be what we want them to be which has led to much division and disharmony." Really feeling that statement at this time! Thank-you. It sure feels so much better.