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April 2013 Monthly Visions: Living in the Waves of a new Ocean

April 2013 Monthly Visions: Living in the Waves of a new Ocean

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We are now in an entirely different energetic space from the world that existed up until the end of our most recent evolutionary cycle. Up until the end of last year it was like we were on a constant roller-coaster ride, riding the waves of energy that were showering down onto our planet. The waves increased in quantity and intensity as we reached the climax point of transition into our new cycle.  After that point, even though of course energy waves will always be raining down onto us, the feeling is more that the initial ‘energy tsunami’ part of these waves that was responsible for getting the planet across the line so to speak has passed and we are now living in the waters created by that tsunami.
It’s like trying to get a small kayak or canoe across the initial white waters where the surf is breaking. It can be very difficult, and there is a sense of relief once you get out into the open ocean. Of course the open ocean has its own set of challenges and occasional huge waves, but the kayak is built for that. So too we came here to live in this new cycle so we are prepared for it and look forward to it even if it feels a bit like we’re in the great unknown.  As uncertain as we may be feeling now, making it past the white waters stage was really the stressful part as far as our bodies are concerned. Many of us have spent the last few months experiencing health issues we haven’t had in years or ever (colds, flus, allergies, heaviness in the chest, fatigue). There are several reasons for this, one being that our energy bodies were living in a constant state of adrenalin, anticipation and preparation for so long as we neared this climax point, knowing how important it was for us all to get through it. It is like when performers who do two shows a day, 7 days a week for months on end never get sick, until the day they start their two week vacation then bang, the body collapses from exhaustion and they spend their holiday in bed with the flu. The other reasons will be addressed a bit further on.
If you are feeling a growing sense that the ‘tsunami of change’ is yet to come, this is because the physical plane has a time lag response to energetic happenings. The greater the gap between the physical density of something and the new higher vibration, the longer it tends to take for it to shift, collapse or transform however it is no longer a case of ‘if’ it will physically shift, but when. This applies to everything on this planet right now and there is no one ‘when’.  It is now our everyday reality experience that everything is in this state of shift, with each thing transforming in its own way in its own time, within the overall accelerated period of transition time we are in now. Even the mainstream daily news is now providing plenty of evidence of this.
The incoming waves triggered from within us many of the last remnants of whatever needed to be released before we entered a new level of ourselves in our new evolutionary cycle.  In this new cycle, the energy of these waves is of course still alive and vibrating, only now instead of predominantly feeling them as incoming from above, we are experiencing them as part of our environment. They are existing in an ocean/river like form right here on Earth, in Earth, within us and all around us.
We are benefiting from the high vibrational energy contained in these waters which is continuing to ‘spark’ us awake, activating that which has been dormant, continuing to release that which is not a match for our onward journey. We are learning how to live within these new waters, and how best to use them and work with them in order to create a completely new world. We are also experiencing and witnessing the physical domino effect of those incoming waves, the inevitable physical domino effect brought on by the fact we are all now living in a new energetic ocean. For many reading this, you have already experienced much of your internal (and external) initial shifting process, so you will often find yourself watching others as they go through their process, watching as the world itself goes through its process on a community, social, political and global level and supporting these processes if you feel called to do so.
We are now living in a world, on a planet, with a humanity, where each and every living being, system and structure has been touched by these waves activating us to step up into our next evolutionary phase. Every living being, system and structure will have its own way of shifting and transforming into its next phase, and each will take its own required amount of time, but all are on this new timeline. Whether something or someone is compatible with this new timeline, well, that is a different question. Certainly much is incompatible, and so that will be released or transformed over the coming years. So when you see something that cannot possibly be compatible with a new, more evolved society, and think ‘We cannot possibly have all shifted because that person, that attitude, that system, that injustice is not congruent with a high vibrational world’ know that what you are noticing is a direct example of something that is due for change and clearing in some way. 
            Death and re-birth (literally and figuratively speaking), collapse, transformation, renewal, awakening and emerging processes will be occurring to the Many (the masses and the mainstream) as a result of us now living within the energy of a new vibration. These processes include the dismantling of our personal identities where those identities are no longer congruent with our new intentions and directions. They include the greater embodiment of our authentic selves in whatever ways feel good and right to us. Some of us will seek to be productive in the creation of new systems and ways of living, others will desire to be of service to the millions that are newly awakening, others will gravitate to live lives as organic, holistic, passion-filled, joy-filled and/or creativity-filled as possible. When we each live in true, genuine harmony with our authentic selves, (as opposed to coming from our ego/issues/rigid beliefs etc) we can create a world where we all live in harmony with each other and with our environment. Sounds idealistic yes, but we came here for nothing less. Always remember that when you feel like throwing in the towel. This doesn’t mean we all become the same or want the same things. Harmony comes from respecting and even celebrating each other’s differences and ways of doing things.
The waves we experienced last year increased in size and momentum until they reached their point of climax, after which point it was like we emerged out into a big, wide seemingly endless ocean. The feeling of being churned around in a wash-spin-rinse cycle over and over again, has been replaced by the somewhat odd feeling of bobbing around in a vast expanse of water not quite sure where you are or what you’re supposed to be doing. There are other people around you who feel the same way, and every few minutes more and more people emerge from the big tunnel that is throwing everyone out into this great big ocean, so that is at least reassuring amidst any sense of confusion and isolation you may otherwise be feeling.
Now imagine that the reality that is ‘time’ is much like a ruler. It all exists Now, only our point of awareness determines where on this ruler we are located. So, even though we’ve all moved onto the ‘Shift’ timeline on the level of our collective consciousness, different waves of people are experiencing different aspects of the Shift in their current now.  Some of us are bobbing around in the great Ocean while others are still going through the wash-spin-rinse tunnel. More of the mainstream are now experiencing what ‘first wave’ and ‘second wavers’ experienced a while ago  – the dismantling of anything not in alignment with one’s authentic self and the revelation of everything not in alignment with our highest truth and potential both personally and as a world. Many are experiencing this as a very new thing, while others who have been on the path for a long time are experiencing new and deeper levels of it.
Imagine waking up from what feels like a past life to find yourself starting a new life. Only you're not a newborn, you're an adult although the concept of being a specific age seems odd and irrelevant. You may have anything from a vague to super clear idea about what you feel like doing with this new life. This simultaneously feels exciting, overwhelming and even disorienting (really it's re-orienting). This is what millions of us are experiencing right now as we find ourselves awakening to new layers of conscious awareness and living in a very new vibrational field.
            Our lives need now to be less about continually dealing with ever-shifting energies, and more about discovering how best to work with, use and live in this new energy surrounding us. This will take focus and a good connection to your own Self. A large percentage of our humanity and collective physical reality are still in the ‘wash-spin-rinse’ tunnel so there will be a lot of flux and change going on around us. You will know by the way you feel within your own Self as to what is negative and distracting to you, or what is calling you to become more involved.
            Back to addressing the physical health issues many are experiencing, even though we are now in a very new vibrational space, the shift has triggered the release of all the old density in others. As sensitives we are picking up on all of that, so it is more important than ever that we protect our energy, be strong with our boundaries energetically, mentally, emotionally and physically, and be conscious of what we are allowing ourselves to ‘pick up’. Clearing, centering and protecting our energy regularly feels to be important at this time. You can do this with things like smudging, and/or you can affirm: “All that is not mine please go back to your rightful owner, and I ask that all that is mine please be returned to me now.” Another protective/centering affirmation I use is: “I am filled with love, surrounded by love, protected by love and guided by love.”
            A daily practice of connecting with your self also feels very important at this time. For you that may be meditation, spending time in nature, going for a walk, journaling, or having a daily affirmation. I daily affirm “I am connected to my higher self, the highest source of truth, love and light and the core and heart of Mother Earth.”  I also affirm “ I am aligned with my best possible self, best possible reality and best possible movement forward on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, cellular, DNA, ancestral and etheric including all the chakras.” If this resonate with you, please use it or create an affirmation of your own that makes you feel connected. This is something quick and easy that you can do and it helps to make a habit of it, for example saying it whenever you’re in the shower, or doing your stretches after a walk.
We are also experiencing in a more intense way anything within us that is not in alignment with our authentic self and higher vibration. So something that may have just caused a minor irritation physically even in the last year or so is now manifesting in a very clear physical way so that we can clear anything we still need to clear.
In this new vibration people will not need 'teachers' or 'healers' in the same way we may have before, because we have shifted into the arena of consciousness that expands our awareness into a state of knowing and remembering all that we know. However, many people will still prefer and choose to engage with those who can assist them to see, hear, feel and remember their own truth and wisdom - not from a space of "I will teach you" or "I will heal you" but a space of "I can remind you and show you what is already within you." In the past people would flock to those who held a torch, seeking answers, believing that only that person had the knowledge they needed. Now, those who hold a torch must do so with integrity, using it to shine a light onto others, helping them find their own torches.
            Now that we're in the new cycle, it is like the dam walls have burst allowing us to ride the wave into parts of the river we haven't accessed before. In any given day, and in any given moment, it is our choice as to which part of the river we are swimming in. We can spend time in the old part or the new part and neither is actually better or worse. In the higher realms, high vibrational souls go 'down' to 'lower' levels to help souls go 'up' the levels all the time. Sometimes the souls don't want to go 'up' because they are comfortable where they are, or they are needed where they are or they are not yet ready to go 'up'. Try not to judge where you are or where anyone else is, because wherever you are you have landed there because on some level some part of your vibrational reality was attracted to that level. If you don't like it, take a minute to get conscious and ask yourself ok, why am I here in this part of the river, in this situation, in this pattern? Your soul might have an answer for you completely different to the one you were expecting. You can ask your Soul these kinds of things in meditation or via journalling. Journalling is a great way to check your emails from your own Soul/Self.
            Our emergence into our new world may seem like an anti-climax to many who were expecting a much greater dramatic display to signify our official entry. Certainly in one sense Nature would lead us to believe that birth is an obvious event, and many have been left wondering: where is our obvious global event? Yet in another sense, Nature also shows us that change can be subtle and this makes it no less powerful a shift. The transition from Winter to Spring is not an overnight, big bang event. Very slowly the snow melts, the new green leaves appear on empty twigs, and new life is born. We thought our Shift would be more like the emotional momentous event that is Birth, but maybe it is more like the magical transition from one season to another, or from night to dawn and day.  The difference between Winter and Spring, or Night and Day is vast, utterly and totally two different realities. So too will this new cycle be different to the last, only it’s hard to tell when you are at the ‘few green leaves’ stage or the ‘dawn just breaking’ stage – especially when you expected a full blown set of Spring to descend onto the world stage complete with musical soundtrack! 
This isn’t meant to convince everyone into thinking the Shift has happened/is happening when really it hasn’t. Look around you for yourself, with your own eyes. Yep, a lot is broken. Yep, a lot is wrong with the world. Yet, look at how many people are awakening, notice the stories that are starting to pop up on mainstream media, the revelations that are happening, the secrets that can no longer remain so, the emotional, mass reactions to events and laws that we no longer want to tolerate as a society. While all around us you can certainly still see a lot of snow, and a lot of dark, night sky, there is also beyond a doubt a growing wave of signs that we are in fact at the beginning of a new season, and a new day. There are forums galore that will tell you this new day is all about the coming of an Illuminati created New World Order and WWIII and global slavery. Guess what? That is the reality we’re emerging from now. As a human race, we’ve just collectively been through the dark night of the soul. Winter isn’t followed by Winter Part 2. Night isn’t followed by more night. Humanity is now scheduled for lives of freedom, empowerment, truth, justice and harmony.
            In nature, the greatest of forces usher in the greatest of changes, however it is not the force itself that creates the change. The force merely provides the catalyst for change. From there it is our choice, and our responsibility, as to what we do with the new conditions we find ourselves in.
            The intense contractions of labour lead to the birth of a baby. As momentous and life-changing as the moment of birth is, it is what lies beyond the birth that truly transforms us. The birth opens a doorway to a new life, not just for the newborn, but for all those connected to him or her, and it is living within this new life each and every day that creates our new reality.
            The winds of a hurricane or the waves of a tsunami can cause destruction in minutes, but the end of the event is not the end at all but the beginning. It’s the beginning of the clean-up and assessment process. It’s the beginning of the grieving and healing process. It’s the beginning of the re-building and renewal process. Slowly a new world is created on top of the ashes and rubble of the old one. And so it will be with our world. 

(c) Dana Mrkich 2013

Dana Mrkich is an Energy Intuitive, Author of A New Chapter, Creator of E-course Create a Life you Love and an inspirational teacher, writer and speaker. For more info, please visit her website, or for regular energy updates join her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.


  1. Sometimes to keep myself grounded, I remind myself that Guttenberg's printing press began to manifest in 1436. It took a long time from then until the practice of reading and books were readily available for mass consumption. Day by day we are building a new world.