Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Truth, Truthers and Boston

Truth, Truthers and Boston

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

 ~Martin Luther King Jr.

There is a topic that is weighing increasingly heavy on my heart lately. Well truth be told it has bothered me for a long time, but it has reached a loud crescendo over the last couple of weeks. It is that anyone who questions the official stories and statements laid out by those in positions of ‘authority’ – the government, law enforcement officials, mainstream media to name a few – are automatically labelled crazy conspiracy theorists, accused of not really caring about the victims of the event being discussed, accused of siding with terrorists and directly or indirectly fear being put on some sort of watchlist or at the least losing a whole bunch of Facebook and Twitter followers.

Throughout history we have always had those who risk their reputations and even lives to speak out, to share truths, to ask questions and demand answers. We’ve also had those who are quick to vilify, punish, ridicule, dismiss or fear anyone who has an opinion different to that of the established order. As we’re now living in times where everything is super-intensified, these two sides of the fence are each becoming louder. Both are equally playing a role in ultimately having the truth revealed, but the jarring polarity between the two is creating so much tension and can bring up a lot of emotions that are really challenging to be with.

 The latest term meant to describe the most crazy of us is: Truther. According to mainstream media, it is a very bad thing to be a Truther. This term was originally coined to describe those who rejected the official explanation for 9/11. It has now branched out and is used in a derogatory tone to describe anyone who questions the official explanation for anything. Because you know, the government has never lied or covered up the truth, law enforcement officials have never purposefully jailed an innocent person and the media is always correct and always tells you everything you need to know.

Truthers and conspiracy theorists are called crazy despite the fact that they are providing very strong photographic and video evidence to back up their ‘theories’ and are contributing far more investigative reporting than the majority of mainstream media who sadly seem to be alternating between making things up and reading off a pre-prepared official statement without questioning or researching the contents.

I think the whole term ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ is so outdated and misleading. It paints a picture of someone plucking unlikely ideas out of the air when in reality most offer reams of information, facts and evidence that truly get your mind thinking. So this move to the new term ‘Truther’ is far more accurate, even if intended to offend, so thank you mainstream media for the evolutionary upgrade there. Yes of course, there are some theories out there that are absolutely not the truth, and there are outstanding journalists who are doing everything they can to report in a balanced, fair and well-researched way.  The point is, we somehow need to find and trust our own inner compass when it comes to not believing everything we hear just because it comes from an ‘official authority’ and opening our mind to possibilities we may not want to believe that come from alternative sources. There is a LOT of information out there right now about every topic imaginable.  You have choices. You can do your own research and seek out information, you can trust your own gut feelings about things, or you can allow yourself to be fed a version of every topic that toes the official line. 

Truthers are accused of not really caring about the victims if they suggest that the accused may not be the guilty party. I would think that those passionate about uncovering the truth and making sure the real perpetrators are brought to justice care deeply about the victims of any event. From the ‘Hunger Games’ type manhunt and response to the capture of ‘Suspect Number 2’ in the Boston Marathon case it appeared that most people just cared someone was caught, trusting that the authorities knew what they were doing.   I’m happy to trust most people straight up, but then if they continually do things to erode that trust then of course you are going to start doubting and questioning that relationship. Everyone, as a young child, starts out trusting those in authority, but if that trust is abused whether the authority was a family member, a teacher, a news anchor or a government representative, slowly your trust evaporates. Actually, before that happens, you start questioning yourself. You wonder, am I seeing things incorrectly, or is this person/group/organisation doing something that doesn’t feel right to me? Those who abuse their positions of power are experts in making those who question them feel wrong or bad for feeling what they feel.

At the time of Suspect Number 2’s capture, the public had received no evidence that this 19 year old had done what the media had already pretty much accused him of doing, even though he was still only a suspect, yet the streets erupted with the kind of cheering one would expect after a Grand Final Football win. What is going on when we cheer wildly “We got him!” and “We can sleep easy tonight.” when we have no real idea of who we actually just got or any real evidence of what he supposedly did?

It was a scary situation. I can’t imagine what that day and night, or that week, would have felt like for most residents, and what the relief would have been like once they thought the perpetrator was arrested. But from the outside looking in, obviously removed from the emotional intensity of the situation, it was like a scene from a Hollywood Blockbuster out of control. Thousands of Police, Military, FBI, CIA, Navy Seals and army tankers driving through the streets, placing a town in lockdown and raiding homes, only to find an unarmed 19 year old in a boat in a backyard! For the first 16 hours of questioning his Miranda rights were not given to him. More cheering from the audience. His repeated requests for a lawyer were ignored. This in a country that prides itself on its Constitution and Democracy. 

I am not a U.S citizen so if you are, you may ask why this is any of my business. I, along with so many millions around the world, feel so impacted by what happens in your country. The decisions made by your government affect so many other countries (and thus people) around the world, whether directly or indirectly. I have beautiful friends and family over there. I have wonderful colleagues and clients over there. We travel to the U.S regularly.  We are all part of one human family on one Earth for goodness sake, and our care factor should not be limited by man-made borders!

 First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out - Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out –

 Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out - Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me--and there was no one left to speak for me.

– Martin Niemoller

There are so many why’s in this case, and others, but we are discouraged from every corner to not say anything. When searching for the Boston suspects, the FBI made a statement saying that the public should only look at the images they provided, as looking at any other photo’s would only be a distraction. When a highly respected spiritual author and teacher posted on her Facebook page that she was very uncomfortable with what was happening (after the capture) and what happened to innocent until proven guilty, she received a barrage of angry, hostile comments. So, we can talk about truth and the empowerment of humanity and the evolution of our consciousness as esoteric concepts, but if we apply them in the real world we are accused of being somehow too political or siding with the terrorists or not caring enough about the victims? Shoosh up and get back to talking about love and light! Really??

            Consciousness within government, within law enforcement, within the media is exactly what we need right now. Yet both sides of the reality fence seem to be repressing it, thinking that the political and spiritual worlds aren’t compatible. We talk a lot about not letting fear override truth, but right now there is so much fear around speaking out – fear around not only the response of ‘authorities’ but also fear around the response of ones own family, friends, colleagues and community.

            Some of you reading this may strongly disagree with some things I’ve written here, and that’s okay. Many will agree openly, and some of you will agree but still not feel comfortable to comment or press like on a social media forum. That’s okay too and I completely understand.  Although you may feel otherwise, I really didn’t write this today to convince anyone of anything. I wrote it because so much of my work revolves around being true to yourself.  I wrote it because I talk a lot about authenticity, and living your truth, even if that means people won’t like it or agree with it. I could not continue with my work if I talked and wrote one message, but lived another.   There are many truths in the world, and we may or may not ever get to discover all of them, but at the very least we can discover and be true to our own.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2013

Dana Mrkich is an Energy Intuitive, Author of A New Chapter, Creator of E-course Create a Life you Love and an inspirational teacher, writer and speaker. For more info, please visit her website,  or for regular energy updates join her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.




  1. Though the term "Truther" is new, as you point out, there have always been those whose role it is to point out the pink elephant(s) in the room. And it has never been the easy route--even within the smaller dynamics of families. Those of us who question are those who feel compelled to and cannot help continuing to do so in spite of the backlash. And, though generally quieter or simply drowned out by the noisy mainstream, there are always those of us here in the U.S. voicing the questions and the counter possibilities. Even our current president has a hard time being heard over the loud "status quo" gangs in Washington. But many of us question, certainly, that these two young men acted on their own or for the obvious reasons. Just as I questioned--to the horrified gapes of many--whether the Connecticut school shooter wasn't in his own way also a victim, of being ignored in his obvious desperation and receiving inadequate mental health care. Truth seekers have always been here, and all we can do is keep questioning as more and more start to venture outside the box.

  2. Thank you Dana for your post and putting yourself out there! I agree with you and my hope every day is that more and more people "wake up" and see what is going on around them. Well done!

  3. This happened right up the street from my office. Believe me we are all jaded about authority and rushes to judgment- but this was not the case here. This kid was videoed placing the bomb that blew up and 8 year old minutes later, they shot a cop at point blank range between the eyes, they Tweeted bragging about it and laughing-this kid didn't care about anyone, and now because he is 19 everyone wants to rush to his defense. We were here, you have NO idea how intense this was, how much we appreciated the hundreds of men and women who kept us safe from a guy who wanted to kill innocent people, how sick we were seeing him laugh about it on video as he killed and maimed people. There is no mistake this was the guy. They took him alive and we are proud of them. All of them. They did everything right to keep us all from further injury. People can judge all they want but we know. We were there. Justice will be served and these hurting families will not be insulted those who defend the ones who destroyed so many lives. Come here and then judge.

  4. Thank you, Dana, for your honest and brave post. You continue to inspire me to be honest and brave myself. Love and hugs from Argentina <3

  5. Great work, very critical.
    I like the way to express your thoughts and feelings. The rest is made for each one, in his own path, evolution and development

  6. Thank you everyone for your support and comments.

    Lauren, I am so sorry this happened close to you. Respectfully, I do have some questions. As far as I'm aware no-one has seen the alleged video of them planting the bomb. Even the Governor of Massachusetts Deval Patrick has stated on television that he has not seen the video but only had it described to him. From the photographic evidence of the brothers at the Marathon, the backpacks they are each wearing in no way match the black backpacks said to have held the bombs. Further, their packs seemed quite light and flimsy, certainly not matching official statements that say the backpacks would have been very heavy visibly (holding a pressure cooker each). Obviously, I can see how this seems I'm defending them, when really I don't know the truth. I'm just asking what I feel are legitimate questions based on what we've been told vs what we can see with our own eyes. There are a lot more inconsistencies and that is why so many people have so many questions. I'm trying not to come to conclusions about guilt or innocence. I'm just saying things don't add up, and it can be a dangerous thing to assume this case is done and dusted if in fact there was a much bigger picture involved. My heart goes out to everyone who has been hurt by this both physically and emotionally. I pray for a world where things like this just do not happen, and for this to be possible I pray for more transparency and openness and honesty about why and how these things happen. With respect and love, Dana

  7. You forget there was a surviving witness. The carjack victim. He will testify. The right man is in jail I wish you had stood at the funeral of that beautiful girl. Or that innocent child. I have seen the photos of him grinning behind that child just before the blast. Theorize away. We will protect our own. We take this very personally. I know two cops he shot at. . He is the perpetrator. And I do not pity him. Say all you wish as it is your right to question. Questioning is a good thing. But those of us here thank our first responders and state and local police for their courage,their dedication, and their determination not to let him escape responsible. Boston Strong!

  8. I have no idea what's going on anymore- just wanted to say
    thank you Lauren and thank you Dana for your posts


  9. I live near the beautiful city of Boston and had family and friends in the city the day of the marathon bombings. I don't know who did it yet but I do know we can't go back to mob mentality and repeat the horrific history that resulted from it. If he is guilty let them prove it. If he is innocent let them find the right guy. I will hold judgement until then

  10. I live near the beautiful city of Boston and had family and friends in the city the day of the marathon bombings. I don't know who is guilty but I do know that we cannot return to the mob mentality and the horrific history as a result of over heated emotions and fear. If they have the right guy let them prove it and if they have the wrong guy let them find him. Until then I will try to hold judgement and send prayers to the beautiful city of Boston and all who were affected

  11. Great post Dana. You put a well articulated voice to my feelings. It's brave, open people like you that change the world. If we don't ask the questions, consciousness can't develop and the world won't move on.

    Truther, I like it :)

    Love Fran xx

  12. I Totally Agree with your Views Dana, What happen in Boston was and Is an Horrific Thing. The people or person should be Punished for this, BUT we have the Correct ways to go about this. His Miranda Rights Should have been given to him right there and then. People in Congress wanted him classified as a Enemy of the State and That's what We're NOT about. If it starts with him, how do you know it won't end up with US

  13. I Must Say I Belive what You say is True, this Country seems to be going backwards in Time. This Bombing was and IS an Horrific Thing and the People or Persons should be Punished, But Not as a Mass Lynching. We have a Legal System that MUST be Followed or We The People are Screwed. If they do this to Him, They would do it to US