Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Parallel Lives and Alternate Realities

Last night I received a newsletter from a Homeopathy clinic we go to, and in it they listed an upcoming talk on Hayfever. I thought it a bit strange timing-wise that they'd have a talk on Hayfever as it's Autumn here but was very happy about it as I've been experiencing symptoms of it lately for the first time ever (and yes, I am looking into the energetic roots of that!). Anyway, I called them up and they were a bit confused because they definitely don't have an upcoming talk about it, nor was it in last night's newsletter!! 
            I said I had just read it and remember it clearly almost word for word. They asked me to forward it to them just in case something technical had gone awry with perhaps old info accidentally being sent out. I went to my inbox, found the newsletter and guess what....there is no mention of the talk in it!! It's a completely different newsletter to the one I read last night!! Somehow some alternate reality newsletter came through, prompting me to call the clinic, and here I am with an appointment for next week for a homeopathic consultation.
            I am absolutely fascinated by the idea of parallel and alternate realities. I met a woman once who had an amazing story. An old friend knocked on her door one evening. They hadn't spoken in years, but her friend said she'd come to apologise and she missed their friendship. A little while later, this lady I met called up her friend to say how much she enjoyed the visit and catching up again. Well....her friend said, what visit? She had moved to another state and hadn't been back to her old town in a long time!!! Needless to say they were both a bit shaken by that experience, but ended up having a healing conversation. It sounds like one of those urban myths out there, but this woman told me directly that this had happened to her. It made me wonder, what are my parallel selves doing that I don't know about!?!
Anyone have any similar stories you'd like to share?

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