Monday, August 18, 2014

Ferguson and all it is revealing

My thoughts tonight are with the people of Ferguson. As disturbing as it has been to see the speed with which the police transformed from the role of protectors to militarized aggressors, dressed and armed ready for war, as sad as it has been to realize how deep racism and discrimination still is, it is simultaneously crucial that these things are being revealed to the rest of the country, and world, albeit under tragic circumstances. 

The shooting didn't create these highlighted them for all to see. Many had no idea that the police are capable of responding as they are now, sending tear gas and army tanks into crowds of innocent people, but they have been trained all over the country to respond in exactly this way. The people have a right to know that, and have a right to say "This is not how we want to run our society." 

My inner mama dragon feels furious right now. I am beyond angered by people who condone or perpetrate aggressive, abusive, authoritarian tactics over innocents, be they members of government, controllers in the shadows, rebels chasing families out of their home in war zones all around the world, traffickers buying and selling women and children, what makes them think they have the right to do that? There is no quick answer or overnight solution but I pray that we are moving toward a world where all of the above belongs in ancient history books. 

Awareness can lead to despair but ultimately it awakens us out of apathy and into action. Whether that action is to pray for a better future, visualise the kind of world we want, keep our vibration high, spread news or inspiration via social media or contribute to change in small or large tangible ways, each and every one of us can make a positive, powerful difference no matter how powerless we are made to feel. Now is the time to remember our power, and use it in a good way.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014


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