Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Strange Daze

It has been fascinating reading everyone's comments on Facebook and on Spirit Library regarding Monday's energy, as well as in emails I've received. 

So many people had similar experiences including: phones calling people on their own, radio's turning off then turning on again, an earthquake in South Africa that some people in a room felt while others felt nothing, people almost driving into things as if they momentarily forgot how to drive (I'm included in that lot!), people walking into glass doors, lots of heart flutters, palpitations and adrenalin rushes as if something big is happening or about to happen, major releases of old karmic energy and unexpected healing moments/experiences as if everyone got a huge 'flush', heightened synchronicities, sudden clarity about possibilities or paths forward, and a feeling of being re-booted. 

This was not just about an astrological alignment or solar flare - this is an energy quite unlike I've ever felt before. It felt like a collective experience of something we have all been talking about for a long time - or at the least, more of the collective experienced it together than has ever happened before. 

A shift into a higher frequency, a vibrational upgrade, a flash of light re-booting us: all of these things are part of it yet I sense there is even more going on here that our minds can't even compute right now. It feels good, it feels exciting, and I have to say: the crazier things get, the more validating it is that things are indeed shifting at a rapid rate. 

So good to have everyone holding on to the boat rails together! x

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

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