Monday, August 18, 2014

Receiving guidance from within yourself

We are all now moving into our next level of expansion and with that comes an increased connection to our own inner knowing, and a more natural, easeful release of any energies that are no longer in harmony with who we really are. 

My passion has always been to remind people how to find their own answers from within themselves, while also continuing to provide personal sessions for those times when you need a bit of help seeing something clearly - as we all do at times! 

If you need some clarity I encourage you to reach for your journal or close your eyes and meditate, ask to receive what you most need to know, open up to the healing or support you need to receive, and trust what comes. 

If you keep repeating a pattern or issue that you can't get to the bottom of, that's where something like a Soul Session is helpful. I am continuing to offer a small number per month, alongside the courses and writings. In the session, insights, guidance and wisdom pour through from your own energy field via a written download followed up by a reply and response portion.

"Your sessions are like a hot cup of tea, chat with the divine and kick up the butt at the same time. Love them!" Patrice, Australia. 

Spaces available for September, book here:

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