Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Feeling grateful: Sydney storms

Thinking about all members of our community, here on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and up the coast in and around the Hunter, that have now been classed as natural disaster zones.

The rains started on Monday, accompanied by winds that just didn't let up. Then a crash on what sounded like our roof - I went outside and a giant tree lay right across our driveway. Thank God no-one was out there, and our home and cars were safe, but others have not been so lucky and they are in our prayers right now. 

The tree did bring down the power lines, so electricity and internet have been out since then as they have been for hundreds of thousands of people here. Our neighbour has power so he has kindly put an extension cord from his place to ours so at least we can have the fridge running, and phones charging, and lent us a lantern giving us great light. 3G from our phones gets us online when need be. We have a gas heater, so we're just feeling super appreciative of everything right now. I said the other night "We have all the power and light we need." Haha...indeed :)

I've shared for a few years now to be prepared for a few days without power, and so got out our little gas cooker I'd bought especially for such an occasion. We made chicken soup by candlelight and lanternlight while the winds and rain continued to rage outside. I have to say it has felt really good to have so much silence in the evening. Dim lights, no tv or other screentime make for a very early night to bed. I want to make this a regular part of our family's week, it has been so good to just sit in the quiet, talk and get to sleep earlier.

Today the daily sirens continue outside, fallen trees are everywhere, and the beach sand is in the beach carparks. I went to the local shopping centre which is running on a generator, and it was so quiet, barely anyone there. Everyone seemed to have more patience. There is a sense that Mother Nature has humbled people like never before, and as always happens during times of disaster people have come together to help each other out and also think about what really matters in life.

Our thoughts are very much with those who have lost a loved one, their home, car or business. Our deep gratitude to all those who are working tirelessly day and night: especially the SES and all emergency service workers.

Prayers to all that you are kept safe and warm.

Lots of love, Dana, Christian and Jax xox

(c) Dana Mrkich 2015

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