Monday, April 27, 2015

Where are the results of my inner changes?

So often when we make inner changes we want to see the outer results fairly quickly. So when we don't see change we get frustrated, upset and angry, which can take us right back where we started! When our mind and emotions are in a constant battle with our physical reality, it sets up a two steps forward and one or two steps back groove.

Here's a tip if you are looking at some aspect of your life that you have wanted to change and are doing all the 'right' things but it's yet to shift: Think of this aspect as simply being a result of your many yesterday's. Kind of like a cake you baked a few days ago when you happened to be craving a certain flavour, but that flavour just isn't doing it for you anymore. It doesn't reflect who you are right now. 

Realise that right now you have shifted....great...and a new cake is in the oven. You shifted the second you realised you want a whole new cake and set about planning or getting the ingredients for that new cake. Stop thinking about the old cake, or staring at it berating yourself for why you spent time making such a thing. Think about the new cake. Breathe it in. Think about how it will feel to have this new cake ready. Soon it will come out of the oven, represented by physical changes in your physical life and circumstances.

You have the power and ability to start to feel this change right now emotionally and mentally if you allow it, and actually you can insist upon feeling and visualising your new circumstances. Mantra tip: "That was yesterday, I am now moving into a new today and fabulous tomorrow's."
Ask to see physical evidence of inner change, and let go of how/in what form that evidence may show itself to you.

If you are feeling heavy it is often because you are being dragged down by thoughts and feelings that belong in the past - or are worrying and fearing about an unknown future. We all do this, it is our old human conditioning to do this. But we don't have to keep doing it. We can catch ourselves in the act and think hang on, this isn't actually helping me!

Find the thoughts, feelings and visual images that feel light, fantastic and fabulous - they are usually the ones most in alignment with the direction your Soul truly wants to go in. x

(c) Dana Mrkich 2015


  1. Inspiring, Thank you so much for sharing, Love and Light<3

  2. I really needed to read this today. I always get something positive and healing whenever I read your blog. Thank you!