Thursday, April 09, 2015

If it feels like a solar usually is a solar flare

Well as it turns out, if it feels like a Solar Flare it usually is a Solar Flare. The Sun had an M Class one a few hours after I wrote my last post .

What happens when you merge a coming Solar Flare with the energy of Uranus (that has been infused with a recent opposing Lunar Eclipse and a visiting Mercury)? It feels like your hand is in an electrical socket and you've had way too many cups of coffee. It feels like your computer (and emotions) are going haywire. 

So if you've been feeling frazzled and fried, this Flare will act like a release and a relief of sorts. Imagine all that energy leaving your body, going out of your arms and hands, legs and feet.
A lot of us were sure there was a Solar Flare yesterday so familiar were those feelings, so it was strange to see there wasn't - until there it was hours later. It is fascinating to me how often this is happening now in the hours - even 24-48 hours - leading up to a Flare.

We know that animals are hyper-sensitive to natural events - they know a storm or tsunami for example is coming. We know we are becoming more sensitive as humans, so it makes sense that we too are now starting to feel natural events before our satellites or space websites tell us they are happening.

Our inner energy technology is more powerful than external technology. Slowly at first, and now more quickly, we are catching up to that realisation. As we surpass external technology, it will eventually either become redundant or we will have created far more advanced systems that are beyond anything we can comprehend right now.

Wishing anyone who has felt frazzled some relief today!!!

(c) Dana Mrkich 2015

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