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August 2009
What's New this Month!

- Your New Chapter Online Course: Starting Monday! Book Now if you want to reserve a place
- August Monthly Visions: All Men are Created Equal
- Soul Sessions: Appointments available via Phone, Skype and Email

Your New Chapter Online Course: Starting Monday...Book Now if you want to reserve a place

I am offering this course for the second time, after a fantastic positive response to the first one! 'Great value for money', 'a weekly tonic', 'enhanced my intuition', 'direct and practical with uplifting wisdom' are just a few of the comments from participants.

This 7 week online course will guide you step by step through your chakras, helping you to understand how they, along with your spiritual, emotional and mental 'creation' fields, are creating your reality. Understand how to connect with your Higher Self and Intuition, tap into the Source of Eternal, Limitless Abundance, Heal your Inner Child, attract healthier Relationships, create a Vision Board to help you realise and manifest your Soul's true dreams and desire, and much, much more. Every week includes pages of reading material, empowering exercises and a guided meditation to download. This is the most empowering and exciting material to have come through me so far!

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August Monthly Visions: All Men are Created Equal

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness - Thomas Jefferson, Declaration of Independence, 1776
This would have to be one of the most intense months I have energetically experienced, with one part of humanity wanting to go one way expanding options for everyone, and the other wanting to keep the status quo as is or worse, restricting freedoms even further. Authentic Empowerment vs Ego based Power is battling it out on our inner and outer stages.....Read more:

Soul Sessions: Available via Phone, Skype and Email

Part energy reading, part intuitive life coaching, Soul Sessions offer an hour of empowering guidance, helping you to understand why you have the reality you have, and how to create the reality you want. Live the life your Soul came here to live.

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