Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Final Stages of Preparation

Continuing on from my last post, I would like to share the following from Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

Hang on, this too shall pass. I know
people are going through many
challenges at this time, but there is
a purpose and a reason for it. We
are in the midst of an incredibly
intensified cleansing process.
Humanity’s old, obsolete behavior
patterns based in greed, selfishness,
corruption, and fear are responsible
for the global economic crisis. This
distorted level of consciousness is
no longer a viable option and it
cannot be sustained in the 5th
Dimensional energies that are now
flooding in.

Each and every one of you who is
reading these words is intuitively
aware of the need of the hour and
your part in this unfolding Divine
Plan. If that were not the case, your
I AM Presence would not have
drawn this information into your
sphere of awareness. Know that
you have been preparing for a
very long time to assist Humanity
in quickly moving through this
unprecedented purging process.
You already have everything you
need within you to accomplish this
mighty feat. Listen to the inner
promptings of your heart, and
you will know how you can most
effectively participate.

The archetypes for the New Earth
have been anchored in the
physical plane. These are the
templates for the patterns of
perfection that will exist on this
planet when we complete our
Ascension into the 5th Dimension.
The archetypes that are being
activated most powerfully at this
time are the patterns of God’s
Infinite Abundance and Eternal
Peace. The greatest need of the
hour is for Humanity to reclaim
our Divine Birthright. Without these
aspects of Divinity being securely
established in all of our lives, it will
be impossible for the rest of the
patterns of perfection for the New
Earth to be sustained. This is precisely
why awakening Humanity is being
asked to redouble our efforts in this
endeavor. We are being called to
fulfill our purpose and reason for
being on Earth !

It is critical that we all stay focused
on the bigger picture. What is
happening, in a very practical
and tangible way, is that the
archetypes for God’s Infinite
Abundance and Eternal Peace
are expanding through the
physical, etheric, mental, and
emotional strata of Earth. This is
causing everything that conflicts
with these patterns of perfection
to be pushed to the surface to be
healed and transmuted back into
Light. Any person, place, condition,
or thing that is ‘outpicturing’ the
obsolete behavior patterns of
greed, selfishness, corruption and
fear is crumbling away. All we have
to do to confirm this fact is watch
the news or read a newspaper.

There is no destroying energy. We
cannot just say cancel, cancel and
eliminate the past. This distorted
energy, these human miscreations
that have resulted in the shameful
and inequitable distribution of
wealth on this planet, must be
transmuted back into Light. The
only way this will be accomplished
is for Humanity, the Beings who
created the problem in the first
place, to invoke the Light of God
and project it into the surfacing
negativity. This has to be done
powerfully and effectively enough
to raise the energy, vibration and
consciousness of these obsolete
patterns into the frequencies of
God’s Infinite Abundance and
Eternal Peace.

This may sound like an impossible
task, but it is exactly what we have
all been training to do for thousands
of years. This is our moment, and as
the Hopi’s say, “We are the ones
we have been waiting for.”
Because of the urgency of the hour,
the cleansing taking place on Earth
is being accelerated to warp
speed. This purging process is more
complicated and more intense
than anyone imagined. For this
reason, the Clarion Call for Divine
Intervention has gone forth from
the hearts of awakening Humanity
and our heartfelt pleas have been
heard by the Company of Heaven.
Through the unified efforts of every
person's I AM Presence and the
Company of Heaven, the energy,
vibration, and consciousness of
Humanity’s bodies are being
accelerated the maximum we
can withstand in every 24-hour
period. This is causing some stressful
sensations and unusual symptoms
in our bodies. However, our I AM
Presence will never give us more
than we can handle.

The Divine Intent of this acceleration
that is taking place Being at an
atomic-cellular level, is to prepare
us to withstand the highest possible
frequencies for the Activity of Light
that will take place during August’s
Harmonic Convergence. Twenty-two
is the master number that reflects
power on all planes and the ability
to change the course of history. So
it is not by chance that, 22 years
after the initial influx of Light that
catapulted the Earth and all her
Life a quantum leap up the Spiral
of Evolution, we are experiencing
our most intensified cleansing.
Daily and hourly we all need to
deliberately be the Open Door for
the Light of God. We must do whatever
we can to assist in raising our
vibrations and to function from the
harmony and balance of our I AM
Presence. Our unified efforts will
help Humanity move through this
intensified purging process - and
these tumultuous times - as quickly
and as painlessly as possible. The
goal is that this cleansing will be
victoriously accomplished in a matter
of months, not years. You will
know, in your heart-of-hearts, your
specific role in this Divine Plan.

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