Monday, August 03, 2009

Your New Chapter Online course starts next week!

Hi All,

The next Your New Chapter online course is starting in a week on August 10! Although I'm mentioning it in the August newsletter (out soon), I thought I better send you a reminder now in case you wanted to book as the date is coming up quickly!

All the info you need about what's included or how to book is here:

Here is some feedback from participants who just finished the last one:

I have very much enjoyed your online course - thank you!! It has facilitated in me further self awareness/discovery and reminded me to 'enjoy' the journey in my own healing (not become obsessed with the desired destination). I enjoyed the structure of having this information presented in a course style, it kept me on track to keep going for the 7 weeks and do the exercises, whereas with a book it's easy not to do them. - David

I have been journaling and getting more out of my thoughts. With the meditations I was pleased to receive images and thoughts, the course has enhanced my intuition, and I must say it has been very positive, there is so much more to life out there, and I seem to be learning to grasp it and hang on tight for the fabulous ride. Very special Dana, gives all of us the encouragement to do well and look for our bliss, thank you for your guidance - Tanisha

A quick note to say THANKS for this great course!! You are truly amazing and have such a wonderful gift... Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I feel very blessed. Great value for money - Deanne

Things came up for me every week that were addressed the following week, it flowed so well. I loved it and would definitely do any future courses you bring out. - Amanda

Thanks for the inspiring ideas in the course each week. There is lots to think about, inspire and challenge. I am enjoying and learning. You have a direct and practical perspective blended with uplifting wisdom. - Alice

Old suppressed feelings I thought I had dealt with well, resurfaced and I couldn't see a way out. Obviously they needed to be addressed again, so after completing the little exercises you sent the light bulb suddenly switched on! You cannot believe what a surprise this was to me!. It gave me control back on my life. ME. I want to thank you Dana these issues did need addressing again and I am no longer afraid of them. - Alison

This 7 week course will guide you to explore your spiritual, emotional and mental 'creation' fields to find out why you have the reality you have (in every life area), and how to create the reality you want! For more info and to book please go here:

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