Friday, August 07, 2009

August Monthly Visions: All Men are Created Equal

August Monthly Visions: All Men are Created Equal

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness - Thomas Jefferson, Declaration of Independence, 1776

This would have to be one of the most intense months I have energetically experienced, with one part of humanity wanting to go one way expanding options for everyone, and the other wanting to keep the status quo as is or worse, restricting freedoms even further. Authentic Empowerment vs Ego based Power is battling it out on our inner and outer stages.

Although I am from Australia, I have spent a lot of time in the last year or so in the US and have made an interesting observation. The privileged classes of our society (and sadly, we do have a class system), those with the most rights, seem to be the ones offering up the most resistance when the subject of extending those rights to others comes up, or allowing others rights that are different to what they think is ‘right’. Universal health care is a raging debate here right now with people saying they don’t want it – people who either can well afford to keep their private cover, or simply don’t understand the concept. Universal health care gives all people health care options they wouldn’t otherwise be able to receive.

Another raging debate here is about same-sex marriage. Making same sex marriage legal won’t interfere with any conventional couple’s marriage, but all we hear from those opposed to it is that it will somehow threaten the institution of marriage, although how exactly, is beyond me. The common factors in both of these issues seems to be this sad reaction from a minority privileged class that by extending basic human and social rights to all people, they somehow will lose their rights. What will they lose?? They will lose their class status of being privileged along with the sense of power (or actual power) that comes with that. So are they afraid of the supposed foundation of this country: “All men are created equal?”

There seems to be a 'privileged paranoia' anytime anyone non-privileged just asks for the basic right to exist with basic rights. I'm going to extend that to the right to keep ones culture, ones land, ones ceremonies etc. I was visiting a Native American reservation last month and had a talk with a native activist. Did you know they are STILL having land taken away from them? Treaties and promises made are still being broken. They have invited Obama to come in to dialogue with them and hopefully rectify situations caused by past governments.

I looked at all these issues and wondered, what is the common key here? Same sex couples aren’t asking for everyone to be gay, they just want the same right to marry the person they love. Universal Health Care isn’t asking everyone to accept the same standard health coverage, it is simply offering that basic right finally to all people. Native Americans aren’t asking for financial compensation, (their land was never, and still is not, for sale) they just want the right to live and practice their sacred ceremonies on the land that was promised to them. They aren’t trying to force their ways on anyone, nor were they ever, yet it was made an offence to practice their ceremonies from the time they were placed on reservations in the 1850’s right up until the 1970’s. With land still being taken away, they are afraid that soon they won’t have anywhere left to go.

The common key seems to be a certain element of society who feel threatened by anyone other than them being empowered or even receiving basic human rights. When they see a minority group stepping up to claim, or even retain, a right, their reaction is one of fear. Logical or not, they fear that someone gay getting married somehow lessens their marriage. They fear that someone poor receiving healthcare somehow takes from their excellent healthcare. They fear those with different religious or spiritual beliefs, seeing them as a threat to national or personal security. I don't think these fears are necessarily conscious, but it certainly seems to be in the ‘white man’s’ cellular memory to fear the freedom and growth of others especially if the ‘other’ is of a different class, colour, lifestyle or religion.

If you are still with me, thank you. It can be hard for some people to go into the murky energy of social injustice, especially when they are wanting to read something ‘spiritual’, but really our social issues are excellent mirrors showing us where we are at in our collective consciousness. There is a rebalancing of energy that is happening right now, and that rebalancing is not just about more people becoming aware of their spiritual nature. Our awakening has a greater purpose than merely a personal one. It is a time of realising that as individuals, every single one of us is playing a part in a massive major overhaul with the way in which we have run our planet. The rebalancing is primarily a shift in consciousness from one level of being and awareness to another, yet more than that it is having a dramatic effect on our physical social systems, structures and relationships.

We have clearly tolerated a massive imbalance between those who hold the power, and those who suffer the consequences of the abuse and misuse of this power. This Monthly Visions isn’t just a social rant or random history tour I’m taking you on. This imbalance is happening now in 2009, yet it cannot continue for much longer. It isn’t my idealistic proclamation or wish that it can’t continue. It is prophesised within every major indigenous culture that it can’t continue beyond a certain date, and certainly if we look around us we can see that whatever is not in an authentic state of empowerment and balance seems to definitely be in a state of chaos.

We are only three years from the date we have been given, a date still being given to those who listen, a date given as a deadline: do things in a good way with the Earth, with your fellow brothers and sisters and with yourself. It is as simple as that.

Energy is rebalancing herself like it or not. Change is here, with more to come, like it or not. Earth and all on it – every individual, every system, every pattern, every belief, everything – is being moved into a greater state of balance and the results are that those things that are out of balance (our economy, health system, indigenous rights, people’s priorities, social issues etc) are swinging violently between where they need to be (all are empowered) to where a select few want them to be (few in power, overpowering others).

The momentum is increasing toward balance and authentic empowerment, thus the resistance is getting more tense and seemingly louder (tacky reality shows are everywhere for example keeping people in a state of mental numbness) yet all of this will snap off eventually and not too far in the future.

Why is it getting louder? Whenever someone or something is about to make a gigantic shift, the opposing force always intensifies in strength. Why will it snap off? Just like trying to hold a lid down on a saucepan filled with boiling water, there is only so long you can do that. The time of the few overpowering the many is over. The many are getting larger, stronger and more in alignment with their true nature, and we are now entering a time where ‘true nature’ will prevail over anything inauthentic or unbalanced. The resistance we see from the old guard, the fight against universal health care, the scare tactics to force people into taking questionable and not adequately tested vaccinations for H1N1, attempts to resuscitate a dying Wall St are futile. The energy plugs are being pulled out of the old reality, and the ego-driven aspects of our human nature are being voted off the island.

Right now we are very much living in the middle of a huge demolition site. It is more important than ever that we stay in our hearts now, regardless of what is going on externally. It is like a huge tug-o-war energy battle is happening, but it is my feeling that authentic empowerment will emerge the winner. The time of having a small elite group of people control the rest of humanity is over. All men (and women) are created equal and it is time to honour each person as an equal member of humanity. Equal doesn’t mean the same, our uniqueness is our gift. Equal does imply harmony and connectedness, respecting each other’s differences, and working together as a unified, complementary whole.

Our connection to our hearts and our level of consciousness will influence the way in which we respond to the coming years of change, which in turn will determine whether we unite as a humanity to help where needed, or turn against each other in panic and confusion.

On a personal level, when you look around it can be hard not to feel disheartened and discouraged by what you are seeing, yet know that this chaos is a sign that something greater than we have ever known is being born, disrupting the status quo. We are not in a time of ‘business as usual’, nor are we meant to be. Renovations are rarely neat and tidy nor easy, yet we do them anyway because we want the better feeling and better looking space. Some of our visualisations and manifestations seem not to be happening as quickly as we would like. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have a block or aren’t doing it ‘right’. It can be very hard to manifest anything new in the middle of a demolition or renovation. Some of us are being asked now to just press pause on our ideas, to go read a book, walk on the beach, do some gardening, spend time with friends. The time to get out there and start re-building new places and spaces will come soon enough. Let the process happen in right order and timing. Listen to your intuition, follow and act from your heart, and use the knowledge that a great balance is occurring as your strength to keep going.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2009

Dana Mrkich is a spiritual intuitive, inspirational writer, radio host, author of A New Chapter (Zeus Publications), and creator/teacher of online course Your New Chapter. She offers Soul Sessions via email, phone and Skype to clients all around the world, containing the guidance and healing insights you most need at this time as you step further into your true self and new reality. Subscribe to Dana's Monthly Newsletter Visioning the Dream Awake for Monthly Visions, articles, interviews, courses and more or please visit:


  1. Dear Dana,

    As someone who has worked in the U.S. Health Care "Industry" for over 30 years (in the ER, ICU and private practice) I have an inside look at this whole health care conundrum.
    The deadly sin we have committed to as a nation and perhaps around the world, is our dependence on the pharmacutical industry to give us a "magic bullet" for every little pain. "Big Pharma" is about marketing and making more and more money -- it is not about science and does not have the eithics of science. Unfortunately, the whole medical model has bought in to the "Big Pharma" way of thinking because medicine has taken money from them -- Medical Schools, hospitals, and the individual medical people that can milk the pharmacutical industry and have been bought out. Our medical journals are starting to write about all this but Big Pharma's roots have dug deep into the system.
    We are a society that doesn't want to look within and grow. We want to stay unconscious with a pill to take away the symptoms that are begging us to grow!!
    My main fear is that every time our government gets involved -- the costs go way up and nothing improves. If congress and the president would stand where we are and take the same services we do -- I might be a little more willing. But they remain above us all and still want to dictate to us.
    The most constructive move the government here could make would be to stop the lawyers from suing all the time. Cost would drop and we wouldn't have to be so paranoid about ordering every test available to protect ourselves from a law suit.
    And I believe that the quality of our lives would greatly improve if sanctions were placed on drug companies. Then we could learn and grow from the inside out. We could stop worshiping materialism and find out happiness and peace within us instead of at the mall!

    Barbara Harris Whitfield
    Atlanta, Georgia

  2. Mindy Osburn3:44 am GMT+10

    Dana, I would like to thank you for making social justice an important part of your message. So many "new thinkers" let it be all about thinking positive and getting what YOU want, while kind of letting everyone else have to figure it out for themselves. You aren't about againstness, but you are willing to point up the shortcomings in the systems.
    Thant said, our 2 largest states, California and Texas, have enacted tort reform, yet there is not a substantial lowering in health care costs in those states.
    Until we are willing to look at the structure of the system (that is rewarding itself for illness care), we will never be a healthy country, and we will go broke paying for it.

  3. Thank you Barb and Mindy for your comments and insights into the healthcare industry. The more commentary we have on this issue from informed people the better!

    I totally agree that too much emphasis is placed on the material, not only coming from our old reality consciousness but also from some of the 'new thought' movement, or rather the way in which the 'new thought' movement is being perceived by people. In remembering our abilities as conscious creators there is a sudden rush to see how much wealth and material success we can create, while ignoring the substance of creation energy which is ultimately an inner one, a spiritual one, and one in which we are all connected.

    Rather than using our creator abilities to help create new systems and structures for the benefit of all, which a lot of people I must say are doing, there are also many who are more focused on self-benefit. This has the potential of leading us down the same path we were on in ages past, when great societies, even enlightened societies, collapsed because power was not being used in an authentic, empowering way.

    I believe we have tried and failed numerous times as a humanity with an experiment: in remembering our creator abilities will we remember to use them from our heart and soul, or will we create from the ego? With only a few years left to the culmination of this particular age, it is very much time to remember how the story ended in ages past, and choose differently this time around.

  4. Mindy Osburn2:20 pm GMT+10

    Andrew Weil says it very well indeed in this Huffington Post blog -