Friday, August 16, 2013

August 2013 Monthly Visions: Super Charged Sensitivity

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The big news on the horizon right now for both the scientifically and spiritually minded folks is the Sun’s once-every-11-years magnetic pole shift.  "It looks like we're no more than three to four months away from a complete field reversal," said solar physicist Todd Hoeksema of Stanford University in a statement last week. "This change will have ripple effects throughout the solar system." Hoeksema is the director of Stanford's Wilcox Solar Observatory, one of the few observatories in the world that monitors the sun's polar magnetic fields.
            This is exciting news, and a tangible ‘heads up’ for the growing numbers who are finding ourselves increasingly sensitive - energetically, emotionally and physically - to the Sun’s activities. The Sun has been relatively quiet this year in terms of solar flares, (according to NASA scientists it’s actually the quietest ‘Solar Maximum’ year we’ve had in 100 years) however 2011 and 2012 had a considerable amount of solar flare activity which affected us on many levels, assisting our current evolutionary Shifting process.
Symptoms ranged from feeling angry/sad/exhausted/agitated/energised on the day of, or on the days surrounding a major flare, to having physical symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, crying, sinus/ear/thyroid issues, to having old issues, memories and grief re-surface. Those of us with an acute sensitivity to energy shifts and/or cosmic weather found ourselves knowing exactly when a solar flare was happening - and then having that verified by going to a relevant source to have it confirmed.
The fascinating thing that I, and many others who work closely with our energetic reality, have found is just how many people experience each solar flare in a similar way. There always seems to be a very clear 'theme' with each one. There have certainly been more active flare periods in the past, but to my knowledge we haven't previously experienced the collective sensitivity to solar activities that we are seeing now, or at least we haven't had the awareness before in order to be able to connect the dots as we're now able to do.
So with such increased sensitivity and heightened physical and emotional responses to something as relatively regular as a solar flare in comparison to a magnetic pole shift, we can definitely expect the upcoming shift to have an effect on us – as a collective as well as personally.
This month I was fascinated and SO excited to find out that almost 100 years ago, A. L. Tchijevsky, a Russian professor of Astronomy and Biological Physics, researched the connection between human behaviour, societal shifts and solar physics eg Solar Flare activity during a Solar Maximum period (which we are in now). You can search for his work online but in summary: “Tchijevsky constructed an "Index of Mass Human Excitability". He compiled the histories of 72 countries from 500 BC to 1922 AD to provide a database to articulate his correlations. After rating the most significant events, Tchijevsky found that fully 80% of the most significant human events occurred during the 5 years or so of maximum sunspot activity." Further, "(In) A historical study conducted by Suitbert Erte...results clearly show that during increased solar activity, human creative activity also peaks.”
With the solar pole shift what was magnetic north will be magnetic south and vice versa. So it was very interesting to see what came up in a client’s Soul Session today, effectively indicating that she had a new ‘anchor point’ as well as a new ‘centre point’: They are saying that your heart chakra is now grounding you and anchoring you in a way it wasn’t before. It feels as if you have stepped into a new level of ‘being grounded’, but where we’d ordinarily look to the base chakra for that influence they are very clearly pointing to the heart and saying the work you have been doing there, it feels on issues like self-love, self-worth, self-value, knowing what you deserve and what you can no longer accept etc, all of those things have served to create a very strong and stable ‘centre point’ within you from which you are now making most of your decisions, from which you are now living, and from which you are now attracting. This ‘centre point’ is something we’d usually see in the solar plexus so yet again we are seeing something that generally is held by another chakra being held at this time within your heart chakra!”
            This gave me the feeling that the solar flip will facilitate our shift into a new ‘true north’  - a new compass to be guided by, a new direction more true to the current yearnings of our heart and soul.  If you've been feeling a sense of 'waiting', like a dam needs to burst, my feeling is we will feel a sense of energetic/emotional relief once the sun's magnetic flip is done followed by a new rush of energy.
No-one knows when exactly this will happen, just like no-one knows exactly when a baby will be born.  The Magnetic North Pole has already started to shift while the South is yet to ‘catch up’.  This suggests that the Sun currently almost has 2 South Poles (which is possible – in 2000 the Sun briefly had 2 North Poles prior to that cycle’s shift).  North is always about our forward direction while South represents the past, and interestingly enough, so many people I know are neck deep in the past right now, and have been in the midst of a big clean-up over the past week or so, ever since the New Moon in Leo - throwing away years of old paperwork, deleting an over-full in-box, clearing clutter from the house and garage, throwing away junk from the fridge and kitchen, confronting old issues in a deeper way, streamlining and simplifying thoughts and behaviours: what makes me feel good, what doesn't, what do I need, what do I not, re-evaluating relationships and work situations: what do I deserve, what can I no longer accept? 
With the Sun in the process of its once-in-11-year magnetic pole shift, and Leo ruling the Sun, and the Sun currently emanating a dual South Pole influence, I can't help but think that we are mirroring the Sun's process - out with the old, in with the new and pressing reset where required. Of course that's the general theme of our big Shift overall but our evolutionary shift is made up of many powerful mini-shifts triggering and facilitating our transformation, and the Sun is responsible for many of those. 
Our increased sensitivity means everything is different now, even if some things seem the same. We are experiencing everything differently because our perceptions and thus our responses are changing. Some people think, well nothing is new, we are in a new cycle big deal. Imagine that everyone has always had a radio and of course ears to hear with. To some, it feels like this is still the case. The songs may change, but not much else does. Others are picking up new frequencies, thus new stations, music and information.  Their hearing feels clearer and crisper than it used to, which is fantastic when listening to the fun, happy songs, and more challenging when listening to the sad songs. I remember years ago writing about these times. Information coming through would always use something like a television analogy, stating that going from the old to new reality would be like going from black and white to technicolour, the colours would be sharper and more defined. They would talk about increased sensitivity. This year is the year that we are really seeing, on a widespread collective level, what they meant by all that.
Part of the overall outcome of our Shift is the opening of our Hearts and the knowing we are all connected (leading to an eventual transition into Oneness and Unity Consciousness). These qualities mean we are feeling our feelings, and those of others, on a deeper level. Oneness always conjures up images of everyone living in harmony together, but that is a very evolved version of Oneness, one we will get to in time but we’re not quite there yet on a collective level.  Where are we now?
We have passed through the threshold into the realm of Oneness, but we’re more perhaps in the outer-mid rings rather than miraculously jumping right to the core. Thus, we’re starting to really feel what ‘Oneness’ means while still living in a world containing aspects of the level of consciousness from which we are now emerging. In a nutshell, people are still hitting people and treating them in inhumane and unjust ways, only now we are feeling it when someone hits someone, or abuses them in any way. We feel it even if we don’t know the person. We feel it even if we aren’t consciously aware it’s happening. We instantly feel someone’s hurt when we say something hurtful. We instantly feel our own self being harmed when we think old, negative thoughts about ourselves.
Many of you may be feeling like the ball in a pinball machine these days. If it's not your own emotions being stirred and shaken, you may be feeling the whitewash of someone else's 'waves'. There are so many people and so many systems in the process of transformation right now it's almost impossible not to be affected by it in one way or other. 
In addition to this already emotional environment, our sensitivity to EVERYTHING is increasing in leaps, so we are feeling everything (and everyone!) much more than we ever have before. We are more attuned than ever to what feels good to us and what doesn't. We are 'feeling' in extremes. That which feels good feels super wonderful, but that which doesn't feels super irritating or deeply upsetting or anger-triggering to the extreme. We are expressing our feelings more, allowing the potential both for more harmony in our relationships, and more tension where you haven't found a meeting ground yet or where your desired realities are not compatible. 
There is nowhere to hide from ourselves, and so our issues are confronting us very quickly whether in a physical health symptom, a certain situation or an interaction with someone. Please know that just because something has happened that isn't 'good' from your perspective, it doesn't mean it's 'bad', it doesn't always mean you have a 'block' or that you aren't doing something right. It's the oldest cliche in the book but look for the gift in whatever is happening, look for the blessing, look for the opportunity or the message. 
Manifesting is getting much faster now, so know the power of your thoughts, visualisations and beliefs. Synchronicity and telepathy is also on the increase. It's very hard to plan anything or be on any kind of straight trajectory right now toward some goal. We are truly starting to live in the Now. Which can feel incredibly disorienting when we're used to living within the confines of set linear time. 
August started off with a bang feeling like five rocket blasts going off all at once, igniting even more of our awakening process, and this feeling has not abated. This can feel VERY overwhelming so please talk to someone if you are having a hard time right now. Do whatever you can do to maintain a conscious connection to your self and your centre: close your eyes and take slow, deep breaths. Meditate. Journal. Go for a walk. Listen to music. Catch up with a friend. Post here or another like minded forum. You are not alone. 
Time is moving so quickly now, with so much change happening on a day to day level, that it is impossible to capture the essence of everything in a Monthly Visions. I will continue to do them as long as it feels right to try to capture the general energetic theme of the moment, but I have started posting very regularly throughout the week on my Facebook page for those of you who would like more up to date reports. These posts will also come up on my blog and on Twitter.
Until next time,


(c) Dana Mrkich 2013
Dana Mrkich is an Energy Intuitive, Author of A New Chapter, Creator of E-course Create a Life you Love and an inspirational teacher, writer and speaker. For more info, please visit her website, or for regular energy updates join her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.


  1. Thank you for your post. I have been lurking for a while and this is my first comment.

    I have been waking up feeling so tired/exhausted everyday and wondering when will it ever end. The self worth/self value is the issue that I am facing right now and it clearly reflects on my little business that I am trying to build with not much of a progress. I keep changing the prices of my product, afraid of charging too much if i price them high, but if I lower the pricing, I am not making much profit to continue on. The yo-yoing of that + the feeling of unworthiness is unpleasant. Feeling deflated and unmotived and confused at times and just dunno what else to do.

    Ok, thanks for giving me the permission to vent, lol!

  2. Hi Alison,

    Thanks for your comment! May I make a suggestion? It's important (in my experience) to feel 100% comfortable with whatever price you offer. Reason being: if deep down you feel the price is too high, you will push away potential sales because you don't think the products are worth as much as you're asking, or you feel it's too much for the customer to pay that much. Likewise, if deep down you feel the price is too low you will push away sales because your energy will feel a resistance to letting them go at that price, simply because the time and cost you expend will feel greater than any profit, leaving you feeling drained or resentful about the sale as crazy as that sounds! So I'd highly recommend just sitting quietly with pen and paper in hand and really playing with prices until you get to a number that really fits well with you. A number that makes you feel you're giving the customer a great deal, but at the same time yourself also feels happy at the amount of profit that would come in. I'm sure you've played around with the prices a hundred times, but really try to sit with this before making any more price changes, and then only make a final price change on all your products when you feel yes, I am really, really happy with these prices. I feel good about them. It's a bit like playing the New Price is Right - higher? lower? higher? lower? until you get to something in the middle that works.

    All the best,

    Dana xo

  3. Hi Dana,

    Thank you for your suggestion. I will find a quiet time and write, and feel my way to a comfortable pricing and see if this works :)