Thursday, August 01, 2013

Q&A: Everything has ground to a standstill for me?

A comment from Florence on Facebook that some of you may relate to: "It seems that everything has just ground to a standstill for me! I'm not depressed (far from it) but it's like being in a bubble and observing the world and its happenings without being involved." 

My response: This is such a common feeling for so many people this year Florence and I've had lots of bouts of feeling like this. So much is in transition right now. While there are of course lots of reasons for this feeling depending on the individual, the image they're showing me right now is that sometimes we need to be in a 'commercial break/pause' stage while others around us are playing out their various movie scripts. There's nothing at that moment for us to do other than just be, which can feel odd. And at other times we're back in the movie. Something we will be feeling more of now are times when we are in the 'new' stage of being out of the whole movie schedule altogether and writing or living our scripts for the next phase of production, so that's when you feel most alive with the passion button switched back to on. That said, nothing wrong with being offline for a while, yes it feels odd but your soul is probably enjoying the rest or at the least needed it. Just let it know you're ready to be back online whenever it is!

(c) Dana Mrkich 2013


  1. Everything has ground to a standstill for me?!! It's almost like you stole the comments right out of my mouth!

    Sadly it's lasted more than a year for me but it's starting to move a little lately.

    Very strange watching as life continues around you as you pass time in a bubble...

  2. Ahh I have the opposite.. I could use a standstill for a while right now. So many new experiences and things have been thrown at me.