Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Solar Pole Shift

NASA is reporting that the sun will do it's cyclic magnetic pole shift very soon (within 3-4 months but some scientists are saying within 1 month). This is a very regular event (every 11 years), so there is nothing to fear here. However, knowing how much solar flares have been affecting us now compared to years and decades past it is only logical to think that we'll definitely feel the solar magnetic pole shift on an emotional and physical level in a greater way than we have before. 

It feels like we will be experiencing it very differently due to our increased sensitivity, and also (I feel) due to the Earth and Sun's very different position in relation to the galactic centre as opposed to where they were 11 years ago and even cycles before that. 

Our heightened sensitivity will mean we will feel it this time in a new way and it's always good to know why we are feeling how we're feeling! The Sun's North Pole has already shifted and they're now waiting for the South Pole to 'catch up' so we'd already be feeling this influence. 

I'm looking forward to writing the August Monthly Visions as well as regular energy reports through the coming weeks to see what comes up around it.

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