Monday, September 23, 2013

A New Kind of Monthly Visions

This year I have often wondered if the previous month’s Monthly Visions was the last one.  I have been writing them for almost 7 years now because they have helped me, and a lot of you, make sense of what’s going on, wrapping up present themes in a summarized package. Only something has shifted this year, and it keeps shifting, and that something (among other things!) is Time.
A Month now simultaneously feels like a Year on one hand, and a Blink of an Eye on the other.  Mountains of transformation are happening constantly and quickly. Where each Monthly Visions used to contain a fairly prominent main theme, we are now moving through major themes in days not weeks. There was a time where if you didn’t see a friend for a while you could catch up over coffee and get a run down on what each of you had been going through. Nowadays, how many of us are finding it impossible to catch someone up on what we have gone through emotionally/physically/spiritually/energetically in the past week or weeks – or even remember the hundred shifts that have taken place! We are increasingly becoming a different version of who we were a week ago, let alone a month ago!
Yet the energetic summaries and forecasts are, I feel, important. They help us understand why we feel how we feel and why certain personal or collective experiences are happening. They offer insight as to how we might best navigate our way through this very new and unknown territory and give us glimpses into what we might expect up the road ahead. I love writing them. I love connecting the dots, seeing how things are connected, and uncovering the meaning behind what’s going on. I love sharing all of this with you, and receiving your comments and stories about how you resonate with what’s come through.
So, just as green is the new black, letting go is the new expansion and weekly appears to be the new monthly.  Over the past few months I’ve started writing blogs several times a week describing the energetic current of the moment and posting updates most days on social media. These blogs and posts have become a kind of Mini Monthly Visions. This month it has become apparent that they are now officially my new direction in energy reporting.
The energy reports will now come out whenever they need to come out, approximately a few times a week, more or less, long or short, depending on what’s happening. Sometimes they’ll summarize the theme of the moment, other times they’ll be covering whatever topic most needs highlighting at the moment.  It feels like this will allow a more ‘living in the now’ approach.
I’ve received lots of great feedback from those who love the video versions, so I will aim to keep that up as often as possible – especially for the longer reports.
            To keep updated with these reports you can follow them here:

They are also shared across lots of forums and sites all over the net, and I appreciate all the wonderful people who do that. Thank you.
Thank you for following the Monthly Visions all these years, and I hope you enjoy this new, more regular format as the coming months unfold!

Lots of love,

Dana xo

(c) Dana Mrkich 2013

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