Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Blanket of Depression

Many people think of depression as sadness, but depression has many faces including numbness, overwhelm and inexplicable anxiety. While there can be many factors at play, including chemical and hormonal imbalances, nutrition issues and lack of vitamin D, when we look at the energetic and emotional causes depression is like a big, heavy, grey blanket covering some emotion or aspect of us that for some reason we have been unable to freely feel or face. This can include repressed anger, frustrated passion, or denied expression of some part of you - whether that means your present adult self, past self of 10/20/more years ago or even going back to your child self that is still alive and well within you often with some unfinished business! 

What do you want to express that you haven’t been allowed to or had the opportunity to? 
What are you passionate about? 
What makes you feel excited? 
What makes you feel angry? 
What do you regret doing or not doing? 
What do you regularly (or always) deny yourself? 
What would you spend more time doing if you were given an extra day (or hour) a week?

Just allowing yourself to think about, or write down, the answers to these questions can start to make you feel better because whatever it is that is under that blanket feels it is finally being heard, and is being given the opportunity to express itself. If you can take some action from the answers that come, even better. 

Sending some sunshine vibes to all out there that need it xo

(c) Dana Mrkich 2013

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