Monday, September 02, 2013

A New Spiral Cycle

There is a spiral dance that goes with evolution. We go around and around, expanding, releasing, expanding, releasing. All expansion and growth involves some release and letting go. All release and letting go involves some expansion. 

Each Spiral Cycle has a predominant theme: we have just shifted out of a thousands year cycle that focused mainly on evolving by experiencing 'that which we are not', and we are moving into a Spiral Cycle that will focus on evolving by remembering and being that which we are. 

In the past when we've had 'things coming up that we've previously been unaware of' it's tended to revolve around discovering and releasing old beliefs, patterns and self-sabotaging aspects that no longer serve. We 'learned' through lack, struggle and limitation. Now, with increasing regularity, the 'things coming up' for us are revolving around moving into new energetic and emotional spaces. We are experiencing revelations about our true power, clear insights about how we are ideally 'meant' to function, realizations about what we truly deserve and are capable of, inspiration as to new actions we can take to put our new realizations into practice, and feelings of liberation as we expand into more and more of our truth - and continue to shed more and more of that which is not our truth. 

We will increasingly 'remember' through miracles, synchronicity, intuitive knowing and opening to allow all that which is now available to us. The old ways cannot work in the new Spiral cycle, just as it was challenging to work with these new ways in the old Spiral cycle. Each Spiral Cycle is like a rushing river. It carries you forward when you go with it, and it can be very difficult when you push against it. 

A good affirmation for now is something like: I now align myself with this new Spiral Cycle. Thank you for carrying me forward in the best possible way, in alignment with my highest truth. (Always feel free to re-word affirmations to make them feel more 'you').

(c) Dana Mrkich 2013



  1. Thanks a lot for this post which is summarizing what we need to do in September Dana. All the best...

  2. Thank you Dana, you are always a bright spot in my day.
    I especially Love the affirmation you suggest.
    Much Love and Gratitude,