Monday, September 23, 2013

Sep 23 Equinox: Soothing Balance Balm Needed

Happy Equinox all! Traditionally today is a day of Balance, and we really need that right now! 

At the moment it more feels like the see-saw is at stomach-churning extremes, with each 'side' on a billion different issues holding tight onto their position. This is creating a lot of tension which you may be feeling emotionally or energetically are trying to process through your physical body thus many reports of tummy upsets, nausea, purging (trying to find a nice word for it!), splitting headaches, back pain and so on. 

Last week we had a huge Harvest Full Moon in Pisces along with several intense astrological configurations and it was enough to make one want to just crawl underneath the blankets and say wake me when it's all over! So right now we are all very much needing some soothing balm just to get through each day, and may today's Equinox provide it. 

Today is a special day for our family - it is my partner Christian's birthday and the 11th anniversary of my Mum's passing. One of Mum's greatest joys was healing others and she always wanted to help 'more people, bigger, bigger'. She was like a second mum to all of our friends and I just know she is in the higher realms now with her many jangling bracelets sending healing, love and light to all who need it. So if you need a bit of a warm flood of goodness, please feel free to ask Miki to send some down. She will be the one giggling her head off xo

(c) Dana Mrkich 2013

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  1. Immense appreciation for what you do and share ♥