Monday, May 26, 2014

Aligning to your best future traintrack

What if you knew that the visions you have of those dreams that are dearest to your heart weren’t just daydreams, but in fact were photos sent to you from your future self? 

What if you found out that the existence of these photos is evidence that these visions of your future are actually a done deal – already existing in a potential future timeline? 

In your journal write a date in the future, that is close enough to make you feel excited, but far enough ahead for it to feel totally possible and realistic. 

Next, write a journal entry as if that day was today. What happened? What did your day look like and feel like? Be as emotionally and physically descriptive as possible. For example: “I am so excited and happy that I have finally met the one! We have been together three months now and are more in love and connected every day!” 

This exercise reminds your energy that your dream isn’t just a dream. It is a done deal, one that you are moving closer toward every day. 

- Excerpt From Let Love In, 28 Day Intensive Online Course.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

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