Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Oneness and constant vigilance!

This 'Oneness' energy is tricky business. The boundaries between us all are dissolving, and our sensitivity to each other's feelings and energy fields is heightening every day. 

On the one hand this increases our sense of compassion and connection with each other. On the other hand, because we are feeling so much more we need to be extra vigilant with what is 'ours' and what is not. That is: Are these my feelings or someone else's? Are these my thoughts, beliefs, doubts, worries and fears or someone else's? 

People who have been 'intuitive' or identified as an 'empath' have had to be conscious of this for a long time, otherwise you end up walking around like a human sponge! Now, millions of people are moving into a higher vibration and thus 'feeling' and 'receiving' on a whole new level. We have all always been affected by other people's thoughts and feelings - especially those that are being directed toward us. Now however we can FEEL those thoughts and feelings. We may not experience it as a conscious direct message "Oh Jane is thinking xyz about me today" instead we might experience it as an amplification of anxiety or self-doubt.  Now we have to be in extra-high integrity around our thoughts, because for better or worse they are affecting our environment and those around us (and even those at a distance).

Thoughts and feelings can also be projected toward us intentionally from those who really know what they are doing eg mind-control operations. Some spiritual folks don't like to delve into the black-ops side of life, but it exists so we may as well acknowledge it so we can put on our gold warrior gear and energetically say no to it. (On that note, one of the reasons the elite have had so much power on this planet is they are nothing if not focused!! We need to UP our focus, and that includes remembering who we are!!!!) 

Your power is strong, and you have the ultimate authority over what is in your energy field. Our 'weak link' as it were is that many of us don't realise the degree to which we are being affected by, and even bombarded by, external thoughts and feelings. So today (or even every day) is a good day to say: "All that doesn't belong to me, please return to your rightful place now, and all that is mine please now be returned to me. I am 100% (say your name) nothing more and nothing less. Thank you." 

The planet and humanity need you firing on all of your cylinders right now! 

Another great affirmation I say all the time is: "I am connected to my best possible self, my best possible reality and my best possible movement forward on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, cellular, DNA, ancestral, etheric and all the chakras. Thank you." 

How are you all feeling lately?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing, LOVE and LIGHT from Norway.