Monday, May 19, 2014

Unity and community connection

Where do I start with the amount of unity and community connection going on right now? 

Troops and donations are being sent from all over to help Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia as they face unprecedented flooding with tens of thousands of people having to flee their homes. These people have suffered more than their fair share of hardship, usually under circumstances of war, and one heart-warming thing about this situation is that the focus for the entire region is on helping and saving as many people and animals as possible. Please see The Novak Djokovic Foundation here and here for further information. 

In Australia tens of thousands hit the streets yet again in the 'March in May' to protest the decisions of our current Government. Every single promise that was made prior to the election has been broken and turned on its head. This is not surprising to those who didn't vote for him, and it has enraged many who did vote for him. The result: people who usually are on opposing sides joining together for a common cause - calling for a more honest, fair government that truly represents the people instead of embarking on a system of governing more suited to a dictatorship. 

Also in Australia, my friend Dean's petition is almost at 25,000 supporters with many of those leaving comments about their own struggles with mental health or unfair insurance company decisions, along with their total appreciation for our emergency service workers.

All of this is happening in our greater community, on top of what feels like a growing swell of healing, sharing, empathy, emotional connection and heart-opening occurring in our smaller circles of family and friends. Have you been feeling this?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

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