Thursday, September 18, 2014

Do you need a 'fear' energy shower?

We are currently hearing about so many acts and intentions of extreme violence. This is on top of the mountain of abuse being uncovered that has been perpetuated for decades by those whose job it was to protect innocents. These issues are all separate, yet connected by a common thread which at the end of the day is a violation of everyone's right to live freely, in peace, not doing harm to others, with sovereignty over their own body and life. 

Current events can make you feel like the darkness is winning, and that the world is being over-run by madness. Fear and a general feeling of yuckiness is in the air, so it's a good time to give yourself an energy shower. I am not saying to dig our heads in the sand about what is happening. Quite the opposite, clearing ourselves of fear helps us to see, feel and act with greater clarity and effectiveness, while fear makes one feel helpless, hopeless, and can have a debilitating 'I just want to crawl into foetal position' affect on us (unless you are in immediate danger in which case it triggers the important fight or flight survival instinct). 

With fear: just feel yourself breathing it out, showering it off you, smudging it away, and as you do so ask to see and feel clearly so that you may act powerfully in a good way. 'Action' comes in many forms. For some it is via silent prayer, for others it is via getting information out, providing inspiration via your creativity, donating, volunteering, providing on the ground aid, spreading your happiness around, there are as many forms of action as there are beings on this planet. 

Please feel free to share a happy, feel good story, photo or joke in the comments below - we could all use some Lighten-ing up!! xx

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014


  1. I agree, thank you so much for sharing :)

  2. I love your blog Dana :D

    If I watch the news or get into chats about the terrible + shocking abuse in the world, I certainly feel like I need a massive fear energy shower.

    For a feel-good tidbit, I have been niching my design business more and more over the last year and now only work with people that are spreading light and making a huge difference in the world. From doing work with these kinds of people, I am immersed in their vision and often feel overcome with gratitude that they exist and are shining their lights so brightly.

    There are SO many of them (you included!) that are spreading love and light and helping people, showing them a different way. I am shocked how many people there are doing this wonderful work. I want everyone to know how much light there is here. We all have it inside us and we can make a difference, every single one of us :D xx