Thursday, September 18, 2014

Men...and Feelings

Lately I am noticing an increase in the depth of emotion being expressed by men - on social media, within traditional media, and in my circle of family and friends. So many men are stepping up and out, being vulnerable and open-hearted, showing their sensitive, caring, kind, nurturing, protective, wounded, healed and healing selves. I feel so heartened by this. 

Women are expressing more openly too, yet generally speaking we have had other outlets: our friends, sisters, mothers, aunties and our journal if nothing else. This public emotional shift in men that we are seeing is a relatively new thing, and it heralds a much-needed shift regarding acceptance when it comes to feelings being expressed, heard and valued - whether by men or women. 

For too long, our world has been out of balance, as have we within. Generally speaking, we've operated with an aggressive masculine and repressed feminine, as a planet and as a people, regardless of gender. We have entered a time now where everything is entering a new balance - as chaotic as it all seems, this is what is happening and indeed chaos is a natural short-term by-product of moving into a state of balance from a state of imbalance. 

So the feminine is regaining her power, and the masculine is stepping into his heart. This is gradually happening within every individual as we all have feminine and masculine energy within us. We will see more and more people in positions of power leading from the heart. We will see more and more heart-centred people facilitating powerful change from a grass-roots level. We are seeing more people reaching out to each other, to connect, to help, to be of support where needed. 

Suicide is the leading cause of death for Australians aged 15-44, and while there are a multitude of reasons for this, having someone to be able to talk to - and to have that person listen without judgement - is a crucial factor in prevention. 

Today, salute your feelings and those of other people. Have a chat to someone if you need to, and provide an ear to listen for someone who needs it. x

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014


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  1. Hi Dana
    Great to hear that you have a sense that the Aussie men are moving into their hearts. I believe, passionately, that men, given time and challenge, can make that massive journey from their heads to their hearts. I have recently attended a New Warrior Adventure Weekend with MKPUK and undertook some big cathartic emotional work and I know that has changed my life but I was ready to do this work. I believe that men need to be challenged with love to change their behaviour. Somehow we need to encourage men to work toward true maturity, honesty and integrity. My sense from a lot of men is that they cover fear with anger and the first emotion they can access is anger. I guess emotional maturity is a great aspiration for both genders and maybe then we will have the partners and communities we want.