Friday, September 12, 2014

Solar Flares Anonymous!

The Sun has released some powerful solar flares over the past few days - an X flare and a few M flares, and I've noticed something really interesting over the last couple of months. 

In years gone by these flares would really rock us, whereas now a flare helps me feel balanced and more alive. Even if it triggers things to the surface, it's over with quite quickly and I emerge out the other side feeling a lot clearer and even re-invigorated, refreshed and re-enthused about life. 

I find the days with no flares to feel very hibernative (which we also need, but there is such a thing as cabin fever or retreating so far inward as to feel like you're flat-lining). When lots of big flare-free days build up there's a palpable feeling of tension building - so I kind of find myself hanging out for a major eruption! Hopefully this isn't some kind of addiction - Solar Flares Anonymous anyone? - but just a natural, healthy response to what is much needed vitalising energy coming to us via the Sun. 

Obviously becoming dependent on anything external for a shot of vitality isn't in alignment with 'it's all within' but I just had to be honest and say I'm loving the flares lately! This doesn't mean it's all been happy happy joy joy - it's definitely triggered some stuff taking things to a new and ultimately healthier level - but they just feel so efficient, productive and encouraging. 

How are you all feeling?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014


  1. I so do resonate with this, but was not aware about the facts with flares. Thank you Dana, love your posts. There is always something I recognize within me :-)
    Have a great weekend

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