Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Sensory overwhelm

Sensory overwhelm. Those are just two of the many words I could use to describe the past few weeks. You may have found yourself consciously, or subconsciously, unplugging from as much of the world as possible (I definitely have been!) with less time on social media, more time at home or wanting to be at home while elsewhere, and a general feeling of being in hibernation/inner retreat mode. So many people have been sick with colds and flu’s, enforcing rest time where perhaps you wouldn’t have otherwise taken the opportunity.            
            The world is so loud right now, and is getting louder in every possible way. You might feel as if one minute we were sitting in a dimly lit room with candles and mood music, and the next someone came along, switched on all the lights to high beam, threw on some hardcore heavy metal music and ramped it to full volume.
Everyone has an opinion on everything, and is emotionally invested in those opinions. This isn’t a bad thing – it’s better than everyone being in apathy – and lord knows everyone has been told for years “speak your truth!”, and  “find your voice!” but the current manifestation of it is akin to having a room full of television sets all playing different channels at volume.  
Whether as the one expressing or receiving a message, it is usually the case that we are expressing in that moment, or seeing in that moment, only one side of what is always a four sided box.  Yet many of us lately are boxing others, or being boxed, based on that one expression.  It feels like no-one can say or do anything without someone taking offence.  It’s as if someone has sprinkled ‘judgement’ dust in the air!
Mention being centred, and someone will jump on you saying it’s not good to repress your feelings. Talk about feeling your frustration, and you’ll receive a lecture on rising above your feelings.  Voice support for a particular plight, and there’ll be someone saying but what about this plight and that one? I caught myself having some ‘seeing only one side of the box’ moments, and it was unpleasantly uncomfortable emotionally when I realised how in that moment I was so focused on one aspect of an issue that it blinded me temporarily to the many other sides.
I was shocked because I’ve always been all about seeing all the sides (which has made for a lifetime of taking forever to make a decision!). I have not liked being judged or boxed, or to have someone being so committed to their stance that they refuse to see where someone else is coming from. That moment of being temporarily blinded to the other sides of the box, allowed me to see in a clearer way than ever how easy it is to be blinded, and to be Judgy McJudgy Pants. If you have found yourself going into judgement or being triggered by things, try to take a moment to ask yourself: okay, what sides of the box may I not be seeing here?
As the light intensifies on this planet, everything intensifies. Love and gratitude take on a whole new level, yet anything still in our shadow along with any emotions we feel or are holding, are also amplified.  So even these judgy moments, whether we’re expressing them or are being the recipients of them, are serving a purpose in the sense that they are shining a light onto other sides of the box – ultimately helping us own more of our wholeness as individuals and as a collective.  However, it takes awareness to see these moments this way. What we are instead seeing a lot of is people responding to this energy with anger, hurt, violence, depression or such overwhelm that they feel like checking out.  
The light that is here, and within you, is facilitating a massive transformation for everyone and everything on this planet, and that is a good thing but not an easy thing.  Be discerning with how you choose to participate in the current demolition site/renovation process that is our current personal and global reality. There is no right or wrong, better or worse way. Everyone has a different role to play, and your role may change from one day to the next. A burst of motivated action may give way to weeks spent hiding out from the world, only to re-emerge revitalized and refreshed. Try not to judge yourself, or others, during this process.  Everyone is at a different stage, and even that is too ‘linear’ a way to look at things suggesting some are ‘ahead’ while others are ‘behind’.  The truth is, almost all of us are ‘ahead’ in some ways yet still awakening when it comes to certain aspects within us or certain aspects of reality.
Take good care of yourself right now.  Eat, drink and do nourishing things for yourself. If the external is too noisy, take time out. For the sake of our emotional and mental health, many of us are needing right now to unplug from the old reality group consciousness, and that can leave you feeling like you are hanging out in a void, connected to nothing and no-one.  You are not in a void, but yes it feels like one because we are not used to not being attached to what was a very dense reality. 
Freedom can feel strange. It can bring up grief, and feelings of betrayal: like you are betraying those still in the old reality if you ‘unplug’. ‘Unplugging’ doesn’t mean total disconnection from global goings on. Quite to the contrary, from a clear, centred ‘unplugged from the drama/plugged into your centre/source energy’ space, you will naturally feel into things you can do be it sending a prayer of love and peace, making certain shopping or lifestyle decisions that support a healthy global community or any one of a million other ways you can use your energy for good.
You may feel you have been betrayed as the world around you doesn’t match what you thought it would look like by now. I have moments of feeling like that too, but at the end of the day when you go into your heart, and you ask your own soul: “Why are we all here? Where is all this leading?” you will receive words, guidance, a feeling or visuals to help you understand, and encourage you to keep moving forward. Don’t take my word for it, or anyone else’s, otherwise you will have nothing to hold onto in those moments when you feel disillusioned. It is so important for you to connect with your own heart, your own centre, and your own inner voice of wisdom and guidance.

All this can be summarised in just a few words really:

Love. Be in it. Give it to yourself and others. Receive it. 

That’s all.

© Dana Mrkich 2014



  1. Just perfect and wonderful timing ! just as i was beginning to question myself, thankyou Dana xxx

  2. Jackie Cogdell2:40 pm GMT+10

    Judgy McJudgy Pants....Lol.